Considering Pain Management? – Here Are 5 Signs You Need To See A Pain Specialist

Struggling with pain could be an ongoing problem for you and your dear ones, affecting your life, employment, and general satisfaction. While some pain will subside with time, waiting for the discomfort to go away is never a smart option because it could quickly grow into chronic discomfort. For an accurate diagnosis and care for the underlying reasons for your pain, it is best to see a pain management specialist. Whatever the cause of your pain, Hui Kang MD, a pain management doctor in Houston, TX, delivers top-notch care, addressing not only the prevailing symptoms but also getting to the bottom of your concerns. Read on to discover some of the most common indicators that you should visit a pain management doctor.

1)      You Have Been In Excruciating Pain For A Long Time

If you have been in pain for not less than 3-6 months, it is time to consult a pain management specialist. Your pain doctor is solely dedicated to treating all kinds of pain, ranging from mild or severe to acute and chronic. During your in-person consultation, Dr. Kang will perform a thorough assessment of complex pain concerns and, based on the findings, provide a range of treatment choices that you may not be aware of.

2)      You Wish To Experiment With Different Therapy Approaches

Pain management professionals offer a wide range of conventional and non-conventional therapy techniques to help people regain their normal function. Care approaches vary significantly based on your unique circumstances, including acupuncture, herbal drugs, laser techniques, physical and behavioral therapy, as well as other non-intrusive techniques. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kang to explore your options.

3)      Your Pain Meds Are Not Working

The effectiveness of pain-relieving may wane with time, and they might no longer be beneficial to you. A board-certified pain management specialist could assist you by assessing the drugs you have been using and providing you with some other options for pain management.

4)      You Wish To Understand About Surgical Alternatives

Some patients’ discomfort might be related to a past procedure, which could be one of the reasons they are hesitant to have additional treatments. If your pain is debilitating and you seem not to find relief in other conservative approaches, your solution might be surgery. However, it is advisable to consult a pain management specialist before undergoing surgery. Not only will your doctor advise you on which surgical approach is best for you, but they will also help you prepare for the surgery. If necessary, Dr. Kang also offers post-surgical follow-up care.

5)      Your Pain Has Subsided, But It Still Bothers You Now And Then

Even though your discomfort is mild or tolerable, you should not limit yourself to it. More often than not, pain patients do not find relief from their discomfort because they are using inefficient drugs or therapies prescribed by their family doctor. For this reason, their suffering continues.

Even if your physician has exhausted all other options and the pain persists, do not throw in the towel yet! It might be time to consult a pain management professional. Several quality procedures can assist you in overcoming your discomfort. Source for a physician who comprehends the reason for your pain and can provide you with a care plan tailored to your needs. After you begin your therapy, keep your doctor up to speed on how the treatment is working out for you, so they can keep track of your progress and tweak your treatment as necessary.

Ultimately, whatever the reason for your pain, a pain management doctor will certainly have a solution for you. At Houston Pain Specialists, Dr. Hui Kang addresses a full scope of pain concerns, including neck pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, migraine headaches, osteoarthritis, etc. Call the Houston, TX office or request an appointment online to discuss your concerns with Dr. Kang and access a personalized treatment plan.