Effective Techniques For Reversing Erectile Dysfunction

Many men struggle with sexual dissatisfaction due to erectile dysfunction, but only a few open up about it. This disorder does not only cause emotional distress, but it can also break marriages and contribute to stigmatization. If you are looking for a haven to express yourself and get quality treatment, Dr. Marcelo Brito should be your ultimate choice.

What should you know about erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the lack of ability to attain and sustain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Experiencing erection difficulties once in a while is not a cause for alarm, but you may need medical assistance if you experience them more often. Erectile dysfunction is a progressive disorder that can lead to depression and lower self-esteem and cause relationship problems.

Difficulty getting or sustaining an erection may also signify an underlying medical condition that requires immediate treatment. If you suspect erectile dysfunction, do not shy away from informing your most trusted doctor at Lakepointe Direct Primary Care. In some cases, treating the underlying health condition is the key to reversing your erectile dysfunction. In other cases, your provider may recommend immediate treatments or medications.

When should you approach your doctor about erectile dysfunction?

Discussing your reproductive health issues with a stranger may feel embarrassing sometimes. The Lakepointe Direct Primary Care team is compassionate and guarantees confidentiality to help you express yourself without fear. The first significant sign of erectile dysfunction is loss of desire for sex.

If you experience difficulty attaining or keeping an erection or reduced desire for sex, inform your primary caregiver immediately. If you also experience delayed or premature ejaculation, talking to your doctor would help. Addressing this painful health condition prevents the progression of its underlying cause and restores your self-confidence.

What factors contribute to erectile dysfunction?

The root cause of your erectile dysfunction may relate to physical and psychological factors. Male sexual arousal is an intricate course that involves your hormones, muscles, emotions, blood vessels, and brain. Likewise, mental health conditions and stress can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Other factors contributing to this disorder are diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, and atherosclerosis.

How can you treat erectile dysfunction?

During your appointment at Lakepointe Direct Primary Care, your provider may conduct a comprehensive physical evaluation to determine the root cause of your reproductive disorder. The team may also perform urine testing, ultrasound imaging, and run bloodwork. The professionals use your results to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique medical needs and concerns.

Your provider may recommend treatments that promote adequate blood flow to your penis, helping you achieve a quality erection. If medications prove futile, the team may recommend a penis pump, a vacuum device that directs blood flow into your penis to reverse erectile dysfunction. If you are already struggling with underlying medical conditions like depression or high blood pressure, the team can develop a treatment plan to fulfill your needs.

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