Erectile Prosthesis

The erectile prosthesis can be placed approximately 12 to 18 months after a phalloplasty, once they have recovered the sensitivity at the top of the penis.

This prosthesis allows you to get an erection, and therefore a penetration. You can also stimulate the penis and even have an orgasm without wearing this type of device.

There are different types of prostheses, and your doctor can advise you to choose the one that best suits you:

Semi-Rigid Or Flexible Prostheses: allows a simple and easy use, as well as the intervention. It is completely hidden in the body and easily bends. However, it remains rigid all the time, which can make you feel uncomfortable by giving an impression of being in a constant erection. Initially, it was created for older men who can no longer have an erection.

Flexible Erectile Prostheses Of Trans Men: specially designed for transsexuals, they can be activated with a simple movement.

Hydraulic Prosthesis: a small bulb is placed in the scrotum, which, when pressed several times, allows an erection to be obtained. It mimics natural erection very well, but it lasts 5 to 10 years.

Inflatable Erectile Prosthesis: unlike the previous one, it contains a reservoir placed in the lower abdomen that contains the fluid that creates the erection.

Sexuality After A Sex Change

The trans people must relearn how to discover his body and his sexuality after a process of sex change operation thailand cost. The hormones, during the early phase of treatment, already alter the sexual desire of patients (an increase in transsexual men and a decrease in transsexual women). After sexual reassignment surgery, intimate relationships are often better lived and, therefore, more satisfactory. This phenomenon occurs because patients feel better in their body, allowing them to thrive at all levels, including sexually. What is important for you to know is that you can always reach orgasm after your procedure. The genitals are transformed, but retain their ability to produce sensations and induce orgasm.