HIV Treatment Singapore: Is HIV Testing Compulsory and Required

HIV is short for the human immunodeficiency virus. It attacks the immune system, making it weak and at risk of getting infections. HIV treatment in Singapore is necessary because untreated HIV infection produces a progressive deterioration of the immune system known as AIDS.

Without treatment, people with HIV can develop serious infections and illnesses, such as cancer and bacterial pneumonia, and die prematurely.

HIV can be spread through semen, vaginal fluids, and breast milk. A person with HIV will normally pass on the virus by having sex without using a condom or sharing needles or syringes to inject drugs with another person.

Who should get tested for HIV?

HIV treatment in Singapore is available for persons who are living with the disease. If you’re worried about whether you should get HIV treatment or not, the only way to know for sure is by getting tested for HIV. If you’re in any of these groups, you may want to consider getting tested:

  • People who have unprotected sex, especially with casual partners
  • Anyone who shares needles or syringes when injecting drugs
  • Anyone who wants peace of mind about their status

If you belong to one of these groups, it would be best if you get tested every year:

  • Persons who are suffering from an illness that is common among people with weakened immune systems (for example, tuberculosis or recurrent pneumonia)
  • Persons who have another sexually transmitted disease (STD)
  • Persons who use intravenous drugs
  • Male heterosexuals and men who have sex with men (MSM) living in areas where the prevalence of HIV among MSM is high
  • MSM with multiple sexual partners
  • Women having unprotected sex with someone whose HIV status is unknown
  • People who are sharing sex toys with mutual friends or partners whose HIV status is unknown.

Now, when it comes to HIV treatment in Singapore, one common question that could bug you is this; is HIV testing compulsory and required? If this is a question that has been bothering you, then the answer is simple; No, HIV testing is voluntary, but it’s advised to get tested regularly.

For the best chances of preventing them from transmitting HIV, you should find out if you’re infected and avoid infecting other people. There are two ways:

  • Ask your doctor for screening;
  • Take an HIV at-home test kit at home or in a reputed medical clinic

The bottom line is; HIV testing isn’t compulsory, but it is required because treatments can help fight HIV within hours of infection – which means early diagnosis could really help prevent transmissions. Waiting for symptoms to show up is not an option. The earlier you get tested, the better it is for your health and the health of others.

Where can you get an HIV Test and Treatment done in Singapore

Tests for HIV are confidential. Many clinics offer the test, and Dr. Ben Medical Clinic is one of the places where you can get HIV test and treatment in Singapore.  The facility at Raffles Place is open from Monday to Friday.

We also offer walk-in services for patients who need treatment immediately. You can discuss with one of our counselors about your options and what suits you best. Check contact information at the bottom of this page.

How to Prepare yourself before for HIV Testing

You can only begin your HIV treatment in Singapore after a complete diagnosis. When preparing for HIV testing, please note that it takes seven days (on average) for your body to make enough antibodies for the results to be accurate.

This means that you may need to wait for seven days before you can get your results. If you have been exposed, to HIV, waiting for this seven days isn’t really necessary as there are some other options we can provide to help you prevent contracting HIV. Ideally, we recommend taking HIV PEPs as they can significantly slash down your risks of getting the disease.

Please remember that even if the result is negative, you will still be required to obtain a follow-up test three months later because the average time for antibodies to appear after infection is around three months. Do not panic if your test result shows up positive – contact us immediately for confirmation and seek immediate HIV treatment in Singapore at Dr Ben Medical Clinic.

It is important to note that, when preparing for HIV testing, there isn’t really much you need to do except to be well-rested. Ideally, the best way to prepare for an HIV test is to think about the answer you want the test to give.

The proteins in your blood can be affected by many things, so you should take care of yourself before taking the test. Avoid alcohol and drugs, get sufficient rest, eat normally, keep hydrated and exercise daily. It’s also important that if you’re engaged in risky behaviors (and unprotected sex with other people), then you should visit your doctor or local clinic for treatment or help even before testing.

Also, it would help to ask your doctor when the test date is and then plan ahead. Consider having the vaccine for Hepatitis B and talk to your healthcare provider about whether or not it’s necessary to be tested for STDs before receiving HIV testing.

It’s also a good idea to get an STI screening that test for Chlamydia and gonorrhea. Finish this process by planning how it’ll feel after receiving the results because everyone handles it differently.

The Bottom Line

While HIV testing isn’t compulsory, it’s still important to know your status. Remember that even if you’re not married, there are groups of people who should get tested regularly for HIV: those who practice high-risk behaviors such as having multiple sex partners or unsafe sex (unprotected) and intravenous drug users.

And what happens after the test? If the results show positive, we will inform you about which HIV treatment options are available and how we can help with any questions you may have about them. We will also discuss follow-up care and treatment options and answer any questions or concerns you might have before sending you on your way.

If you want us to send you an appointment reminder, just drop us a line at or call: +65 8886 7890.

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