How Does A Psychiatrist Help With Addiction? -Dr. Ashwin Reddy

Millions of individuals in the United States, particularly teens, are affected by addiction. Unfortunately, it is a struggle that you cannot win by yourself. You will require a partner to guide you through the process, and that partner must possess the necessary skills to understand, identify, and solve your problems. Consulting Ashwin Reddy MD, an addiction psychiatrist in Glendale, Phoenix, and Gilbert, AZ, can assist you in overcoming your substance abuse issues. Your addiction therapist will select the ideal care plan for you and provide the necessary support. Read on to learn more about an addiction psychiatrist and how they can assist with addiction.

Who Exactly Is An Addiction Psychiatrist? 

An addiction psychiatrist specializes in diagnosing and treating mental health issues that occur due to alcohol consumption and opioid addiction associated with mental illnesses like depression. These specialists assess the patient’s history of substance abuse and their mental health status, checking for conditions such as dementia, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more. Based on these medical records, your addiction therapist will assess your capability to complete everyday tasks. Once all this information is gathered, your specialist can offer substance abuse care regimens and recovery medication.

When Should You See An Addiction Psychiatrist?

Anybody addicted to drugs should pursue the help of an addiction psychiatrist before the issue extends to the point of mental disorder. Unfortunately, most addicted persons do not have the slightest idea that they are addicted. Therefore, here is a quick rundown of who should consider a visit to an addiction psychiatrist:

  • Feeling compelled to utilize the drugs frequently
  • Inability to abstain from utilizing the drugs
  • You get nervous or frustrated when the drugs are not within reach
  • Negative behaviors like stealing to obtain drugs or spending all of your money on drugs
  • You start behaving inappropriately sexually
  • You start developing other mental concerns like depression and memory loss
  • You attempt to hide your substance misuse from others, and you feel like you do not require their support

How Will The Addiction Psychiatrist Help With Your Addiction?

Dr. Ashwin Reddy of 2nd Chance Treatment Center has various ways by which he could assist those struggling with addiction. These techniques include:

v  Talk Therapy

There are many different types of talk therapy, each with its own set of results. Dr. Reddy can assist some victims in overcoming their guilt, developing coping mechanisms, accepting their situation, and designing solutions to their difficulties. The two most prevalent forms of talk therapy include motivational interviewing and CBT.

Motivational interviewing is centered on understanding and encouraging patients’ motives and goals to support the transformation process. This technique is a client and objective-oriented therapy that is one of the most successful ways to overcome addiction. On the other hand, CBT assists you in recognizing the need to alter your behavior and ideas for recovery. It aids in the development of new thought patterns that are optimistic.

v  Medication

Before Dr. Reddy can figure out what is wrong, he will have to undergo a battery of examinations and tests. These diagnostics are crucial in developing therapeutic strategies to assist patients in overcoming addiction. These drugs can treat addiction as well as mental illnesses.

Furthermore, some of these medications target withdrawal symptoms to make a recovery easier for the patient. Other medications can help with eating and sleep disorders, allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle.

v  Mental Illness Diagnostics

Substance misuse is often exacerbated by mental health issues. A psychiatrist can diagnose the mental health issues that cause the addiction and propose a treatment strategy. The mental health treatment strategy is crucial in the recovery from addiction.

Substance misuse and addiction are difficult battles for you to fight alone. Nonetheless, with help from the right sources, you can successfully recover from addiction. At 2nd Chance Treatment Center, Dr. Ashwin Reddy is highly skilled in dealing with substance addiction and associated mental health concerns. Arrange an appointment with an addiction psychiatrist you can trust by calling the office near you or requesting online today.