Restore Your Youthful Vitality and Look with Aesthetic and Wellness Care

It is critical to look at yourself both inside and out if you wish to feel your best. Once you take care of your body, eat the right foods, and moisturize your skin, your inherent beauty can radiate through. Nonetheless, expert procedures might have an even greater influence than maintaining a balanced diet and spending money on cosmetic products. Aesthetic and wellness therapies at The Wellness Restoration Center in New York nourish the body and repair the skin to assist patients in enhancing their general health and attractiveness. To determine what aesthetic and wellness procedure is right for you, schedule a consultation through mobile or book online right away.

What is the Definition of Anti-Aging Medicine?

Anti-aging medicine is a developing field that integrates medical advances and practical medicine to address the fundamental reasons for aging and provide relief from typical age-related symptoms. As a holistic discipline, anti-aging medicine attempts to help the whole person, not just a single symptom, illness, or problem.

At the practice, Dr. Marcia Harris’ goal is not just to lengthen your life but to improve the life quality so that you can age with as much energy, vigor, and vitality as practicable.

What is Hormone Therapy and How Does It Work?

As you age, hormone levels tend to fluctuate, leading to a range of unhealthy and troublesome conditions. Though men and women suffer different symptoms, both endure weight gain, loss of energy, and sleep difficulties.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a type of hormone replacement therapy that employs a custom-made hormone supplement to treat the symptoms of natural hormonal abnormalities. Anti-aging experts take pride in providing a distinct, controlled, and advanced form of BHRT to ensure they address the hormone issues; thus, resolving some of the associated physical symptoms.

What is the Goal of Anti-Aging Medicine?

As the names suggest, anti-aging medicine is intended to slow, delay, or prevent the consequences of aging. For instance, men who suffer low libido or poor sexual function might profit from using enhancement drugs that assist them in keeping an erection and lasting for longer during intercourse.

In addition, women with weak bones or hot flashes might also profit from hormone replacement medication, such as estrogen. They enjoy better sexual functionality and do not worry about bone damage or fractures due to trauma.

These procedures are also utilized to help prevent or mitigate the effects of some age-related disorders. These concerns include vaginal dryness, hair loss, skin cracking or drying, among others.

Who is a Good Candidate for Anti-Aging Medicine?

You might be wondering if it is worthwhile to question your specialist about anti-aging medicine for any ailments or symptoms you are dealing with. You could be a fine fit for utilizing these therapeutic techniques if you:

  •         Experience difficulties or problems with physical functions such as sexual performance
  •         Suffer symptoms such as hair loss or hot flashes
  •         Desire to enhance life quality and restore physical capabilities that are disappearing or diminishing
  •         Have been identified with an age-related condition or illness

If you fulfill any of these requirements, you can consult with your doctor about what anti-aging medications are best for you.

Aging is an unavoidable fact of life. However, if you must age, why not do everything in your power to delay it for as long as feasible? Instead of watching as time robs your health and puts you at danger for age-related illnesses, you can reclaim your youthful vitality and physical abilities by making an appointment with Dr. Marcia A. Harris for anti-aging medicine. Call the office or request an appointment online today.