Understanding Sexual Health

What do you understand about sexual health? It’s part of our overall health, including social, physical, and emotional health. It means being able to enjoy your sexual life, being confident about your body and general health. It’s about understanding your body organs and their functions, identifying your sexuality, and having healthy sexual relationships. Suppose you need any health service and care regarding sexual health in Brighton; Gago Wellness are here to help. In this piece, we learn more about sexual health.

What is sexual health?

It involves the different physical and emotional factors that affect your sexual function and reproduction. It’s the ability to have healthy and safe sexual experiences. It allows you to be in control of your reproductive health and emotionally mature in your sexual relationships.

The following may help you understand sexual health better.

  •         Being aware of your sexual rights
  •         Understanding sexuality is a way of life
  •         Having protected sexual activities to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases
  •         The freedom to experience sexual pleasure and intimacy when you desire
  •         Having open communication about your sexual health and needs with your partner or health provider
  •         Reading materials on sexual health

Sexual health promotes safe and healthy sexual relationships and equips individuals and learners with critical knowledge of sex and sexuality. It allows sexual partners to have pleasurable sex.

At Gago Wellness, they offer comprehensive care to improve men’s and women’s sexual health. Among the services they offer, include Votiva for women’s health.

What is Votiva?

It involves using radiofrequency energy to heat your vaginal muscles and tissues, enhance healing and restore strength. The technique stimulates collagen and elastin production that encourages the formation of healthy vaginal tissues. In addition, Votiva activates moisture and lubrication to enhance your sexual pleasure.

Who can benefit from Votiva?

Usually, women experience a decrease in hormone levels as they grow old. The hormone imbalance issue causes uncomfortable signs that impact your daily life. Votiva helps treat the following.

  •         Low libido and poor sexual confidence
  •         Pain during sex
  •         Weakened vaginal muscles
  •         Laxity and wrinkling of the vulva and labia
  •         Mild urinary incontinence
  •         Reduced sensitivity due to low blood flow to the vaginal tissue

What does a Votiva session involve?

Your provider uses a vaginal probe, to gently apply radiofrequency energy to your vaginal tissues. You may experience some heat or discomfort during the treatment. However, the results are visible immediately, while further improvement occurs within a few weeks.

Usually, one session is enough for you to see some satisfying results, but for excellent outcomes, you might consider more sessions, about 2 or 3 between a month each. Annual treatment may help you maintain your results.

The treatment has no downtime, and you can resume your daily activities right away, including sexual intercourse.

Being able to enjoy your sexual life is beneficial to your overall health. Sexual health allows you to achieve a healthy life where you are aware of your sexual rights and appreciate your thoughts about sexuality and relationships. Votiva treatment improves the sexual experience in women by strengthening their vaginal health. Contact Gago Wellness today to learn more about sexual health.