Vital Facts That Will Enlighten You on Expander Interceptive Treatment

The pediatric dentist plays a crucial role in maintaining dental health for your kid. For example, these dentists will provide the necessary measures to help prevent the child’s gum diseases and tooth decay. In addition, through the five towns interceptive treatment, the pediatric dentist uses orthodontic treatments such as palate expanders for effective jaw development for young individuals. Palatal expander could sound new to you, but the following facts will give you better insight into these orthodontic appliances. 

These Devices Solve Different  Issues

Individuals struggling with a narrow palate which undermines their mouth shape, can benefit from the palatal expander. However, these appliances are not restricted to expanding roles. You can also solve the overcrowding issues using the palatal expander.

Once you opt for the expanders, they will create space within your mouth which is vital in boosting the teeth alignment. The expanders can also give you the appropriate remedy if you struggle with the crossbite.

The Expanders Are Comfortable

Some people hearing the palatal expander for the first time are convinced that creating the space within the palate is agonizing. However, the slight discomfort that you experience in your tongue after starting the use of the expander will diminish after a few days. Some patients do not notice any pressure in their mouth after the dentist has installed expanders.


Some Orthodontic Expanders Have Key

You may wonder about the mechanism behind the whole expanding process after the installation of the palatal expander. It is the key that controls the functioning of certain expanders. Notably, your specialist will offer you a unique key for the expander and educate you on how to use it. This metallic key will help to adjust the expander depending on the gum development, thus achieving a spacious palate.

The Expander Can Blend With Other Treatments

Some people think that once you start using the palatal expander, you cannot seek other orthodontic treatments, which is not the case. You can still opt for other orthodontic treatments, such as braces, while having the palatal expander.

Sometimes the orthodontist can also recommend certain models of the expanders in conjunction with the invisalign treatments to straighten your teeth effectively.

You Need Ample Time for Better Results

You may think you will get the expander results overnight, but you are mistaken. In most cases, your orthodontist will advise you to maintain these appliances in your mouth for around six months. This measure is necessary to properly heal your jaws and prevent your palate from shifting back to its original shape.

Palatal Expanders Exist in Different Forms

When looking for an expander for your kid, you should be aware of different kinds of these dental appliances. For example, bonded expanders such as Quad helix use their pressure without needing modification. The removable expander is another choice of the expander that you will have to adjust through the key.


Are you concerned about the narrowing of your kid’s upper palate? Worry no more since interceptive treatment provides an effective solution to expand your child’s palate using a palatal expander. Going through the above facts will enlighten you on these orthodontic devices. For instance, you will understand that the palatal expander can still help solve the teeth overcrowding issue. Also, you will learn that you can pursue other orthodontic treatments for your kid while they have the expander.