What You Must Know as You Consider IVF

If you have issues conceiving and bearing children, New York IVF specialists can help you overcome your obstacles. IVF is in vitro fertilization and is all about getting mature eggs from the ovary and fertilizing them with your partner’s sperm outside the womb. Once the embryo is developed, it is implanted into your uterus and allowed to develop and grow. Therefore, IVF takes you a step closer to achieving your family goals and plans. But here are several critical facts to know concerning the treatment. Have a peek.

A Lot of Work and Time is Required

If you are interested in IVF, please understand that the process will be an intensive procedure involving multiple visits to the clinic. Initially, you will take about twelve days on fertility medications to stimulate your ovaries to produce healthy eggs. In this period, frequent blood work and ultrasounds are required, which will keep you in your doctor’s office almost daily. The eggs will then be retrieved after the stimulation phase and fertilized with sperms. It will take about five days before the embryo is placed back in your uterus, and you will get back to your doctor after about two weeks for evaluation if the IVF worked. Therefore, prepare yourself for the process in advance.

You Ought to be in Better Health

It is crucial to ensure that your health is checked before considering IVF to increase your success chances. Quitting substance and tobacco use, minimizing or avoiding alcohol use, and achieving a healthy weight are some of the healthy choices you can make beforehand. If you are currently battling some medical conditions, talk to your provider about controlling the complications. It would be better to have diabetes and high blood pressure controlled before you try to conceive.

You Can Expect Some Side Effects

IVF does not go without some side effects. You must consult your provider to understand what you can expect, take necessary precaution measures, and prepare psychologically. You can expect minor issues like pressure, bloating, or cramping in your pelvic area. You can also experience some discomfort when getting a fertility injection. The fertility drugs can cause weight gain, dizziness, severe swelling or pain in your abdomen, shortness of breath, and vomiting. Ensure you adequately consult your doctor about what you can expect.

You Might Have a Chance to Select Gender

Your IVF cycle might include preimplantation genetic testing, which involves embryo screening to check for chromosomal defects. Part of the report contains information about the sex of the embryo. Since multiple embryos are initially involved, you might be allowed to select the gender you want, while some providers will only transfer the best quality without considering the sex. So, learn from your provider if you get the chance to choose the gender.

Pregnancy is Not Guaranteed

Although IVF has proved effective in increasing the chances of conceiving, it may not work for everyone. The success rate may vary from one patient to another, mainly depending on age. The treatment has higher chances of success in women below 35 than those over 42. But there is still hope. You might benefit from other treatment options if you do not benefit from IVF.

Reach out to Innovation Fertility Preservation and IVF today to explore your fertility preservation options. Your provider will help you evaluate if you can gain from IVF and guide you in what you can expect.