Why Should Women See The OB/GYN Every Year? – 5 Important Reasons

No lady likes going to the gynecologist. In addition to the mere inspection, women fear hearing that something is amiss with their reproductive health. For this reason, so many women put off seeing a gynecologist or only visit once they have strange symptoms. However, a yearly gynecologist exam could help women maintain control over their reproductive health and avoid potential complications. To help emphasize the importance of continued care, OB/GYN expert Dr. David. W. Foulk of Marion Ob/Gyn Inc. outlines five of the most important benefits of routine visits to your provider. Read on to find out more!

1)      Early Detection of Health Issues

Screening for disorders unique to women’s health is one of the most important reasons to see an OB/GYN. Infections, as well as anomalies impacting the cervix, ovaries, and uterus, could be detected during a pelvic exam. Breast exams are a good way to look for abnormalities that could indicate a risk of breast cancer. What’s more, a pap smear might be performed to identify cervical cancer at an early stage. Early discovery of an issue enables your doctor to seek the proper therapy and enhance the results.

2)      General Health Assessment

Your OB/GYN provider will also do a routine physical examination to assess your overall health. If they see any adjustments, or if you are treating an illness, they can let you know how it might affect your sexual or reproductive health, as well as provide therapy or follow-up recommendations.

3)      Talk About Birth Control

If you are on birth control, you must never miss a visit with your OB/GYN. Your body could change over time, and the birth control you utilize may no longer be effective. Acknowledging all facets of your overall reproductive health, OB/GYNs may offer valuable details and services to enhance your general reproductive wellness.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant in the future, your specialist can provide you with advice based on your unique circumstances. Alternatively, if bearing children is not an option for you, your OB/GYN provider can examine and prescribe various birth control options.

4)      Prevention

Although OB/GYN services aid with identifying and caring for current illnesses, they could also assist with health risk prevention. Your gynecologist, for instance, could give you HPV vaccines to help lessen your danger of cervical cancer. They can also offer you comprehensive advice on keeping yourself safe from sexually transmitted illnesses.

5)      Discuss Your Sexual Well-Being

Discussing your sex life with a specialist may feel unpleasant. However, if you have a concern or query, OB/GYNs can provide the greatest options to assist you. These experts can help you with a range of issues affecting your sexual health, including reduced libido or pain during intercourse.

Though annual visits are encouraged to remain on top of many elements of your health, you should make an appointment sooner if you have concerns or symptoms. At the full-scope women’s healthcare clinic in Marion, Ohio, Dr. Foulk and his expert staff provide extensive and satisfying care. Their OB/GYN services cover everything from annual exams to complex procedures like hysterectomy. Call the office or book an appointment online today to enjoy professional OB/GYN care.