7 Sure-Fire Signs You Need A Urologist’s Appointment

Have you been to a urologist recently? If not, then you may want to read this article. Many individuals discount the impact of urology on overall health. The false notion that finding a reputable urologist is a hassle is one of the many reasons people don’t seek urology intervention. As an expert Murray Hill urologist explains, a urologist’s appointment helps you manage urinary tract and urinary-related conditions. How do you know if it is time to schedule that urologist appointment?

1. Blood in Your Urine

Blood in your urine is the hallmark symptom of bladder or kidney cancer. However, other underlying conditions such as enlarged prostate, kidney stones, and bladder infection can cause blood in your urine. If you see blood in your urine, schedule a urologist appointment. Some causes of blood spots in your urine require immediate medical attention. An expert urologist runs tests to establish a correct diagnosis and administer effective treatment plans.

2. Urinary Incontinence

Have you noticed wet spots in your undergarments? Inability to control your bladder results in urine leakage, which is treatable. Urinary incontinence affects both genders; however, the causation is different. Men’s urinary incontinence occurs majorly because of urethritis, while in women, it can be due to a urinary tract infection (UTI). If urinary incontinence interferes with your daily routine, you need to see a urologist.

3. Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Erectile dysfunction is a delicate matter most men are afraid to converse about. However, it detracts from the quality of your relationship. If you experience flaccid erections, a urologist will have the right remedy. Urologists employ shock wave therapy amongst other minimally invasive techniques to help you maintain an erection. Reach out to urologist: Michael Rotman, MD, for effective erectile dysfunction treatments.

4. Pain While Urinating

Bacterial infections in the urinary tract cause inflammation which manifests as painful urination in advanced cases. When urinating, a burning or stinging sensation is usually a tell-tale sign you need to see a urologist. A urologist identifies the cause of inflammation and prescribes an effective treatment plan.

5. Testicular Pain

Recurrent testicular pain that doesn’t go away over several weeks is a cause of concern. In many cases, the cause might be a mild condition; however, testicular cancer can also cause testicular pain. Don’t be alarmed. Testicular cancer is one of the most curable cancers. Early intervention is key to eliminating testicular pain.

6. Male Infertility

If you suspect any signs of male infertility, then visit a urologist to determine the cause and receive an actionable treatment plan. Expert urologists dedicate their expertise to creating safe spaces where you can candidly converse about infertility concerns.

7. Kidney Abnormalities

Kidney abnormalities usually signify the onset of kidney cancer and chronic kidney disease. If a physician detects any kidney abnormalities, you may need to schedule a urologist appointment for specialized medical intervention.


Urological issues are best handled by a urologist rather than a primary health care provider. If you experience any of the above urinary tract complications, you need to make that appointment. Urologist Michael Rotman, MD, offers efficacious urology services from initial consultation to post-procedure care. Call or use the online tool to schedule your appointment.