A Peptide Blend That Can Help You Enjoy a Better Life

Peptides are no longer an unknown compound as many people at least know the name of these. Especially as these peptides are being heavily used in cosmetics products and also being advertised, these are no longer unknown to people. A naturally found ingredient in human system, peptides are also made of amino acid chains which are shorter than those in protein. Peptides play quite a few significant roles in human body. Application of peptides can help to fight diseases as well as can help to lead a better and healthy life. Peptides have minimal side effects with lots of benefits. With age, the rate of amino acid decreases in the body and with that the rate of peptides also decreases in the body. As peptides are applied to the body, it gets the necessary amount to carry on with proper functions for healthy living.

The blend of Ipamorelin and CJC 1295

When it comes to peptide blends, the blend of CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin is one of the most potent one. Both of these are growth hormone secretagogues. Ipamorelin is synthetic pentapeptide and CJC 1295 is a peptide with 29 amino acids. Being GSHs, both of these peptides are capable of stimulating the release of GH or growth hormones but are not GHRP or growth hormone releasing peptides. These peptides belonging to the same class has difference in terms of pharmacokinetic profiles and half-life.

The history behind these peptides

Growth hormone releasing peptides or GHRPs were synthesized in 1977 for the very first time. consistent researches lead to the synthesizing of Ipamorelin in the early 1990s. ipamorelin as a synthesized growth hormone secretagogue is effective both in vitro and in vivo. But the only issue was short half life of synthetic GHRPs. Due to short half-life, the effects were not long lasting enough. Researchers dived deep in to continue the search for long lasting and more stable peptides. The result of the researches was the synthesizing of stabilized CJC 1295 peptide.

The blend

Both these peptides trigger a small portion of anterior pituitary gland to boost the level of growth hormone. Once it is triggered, the gland secrets growth hormone naturally and maintain the proper level in human body. Ipamorelin kicks in first as the blend is administered. The effects of Ipamorelin starts to wear off after first two hours of administration after showing the effects. Then CJC 1295 slowly starts to kick in. the effects of a single dose of this peptide stack remains active up to 10 days.


This peptide stack or blend is capable of improving bone density. It increases fat burning while increases the lean muscle mass in the body. While the person will feel better energy levels, the recovery period from injuries improves as well. One can buy cjc 1295 + ipamorelin blend after consulting the doctor for proper guidance. As these peptides have been banned by WADA or World Anti-Doping Agency, sportspersons must be careful before administering this blend.