All About Dental Emergencies

Most often, we schedule an appointment to see a dentist. But imagine you try separating a fight between your neighbors, and a fist lands on your mouth, causing you to have two lost teeth. At that point, you do not have an opportunity to book a dental appointment because you need urgent care. Reporting to an emergency room will delay you getting the required service. That is why emergency dental care Springfield opens till late to ensure you can conveniently get necessary services. 

What Qualifies As a Dental Emergency? 

An emergency is an injury to the teeth and soft tissues that occur unexpectedly, necessitating immediate care to relieve pain or prevent further damage. The following are instances where emergency care is necessary:

Severe and Persistent toothaches 

A toothache that continues throughout the day and night reduces your quality of life. If you take over-the-counter drugs and the pain is not going away. Instead, you experience sharp and persistent toothaches, and you will need to seek emergency dental treatment because the pain can signify a more severe problem. 

  • Cracked Or Chipped Teeth

If you have a cracked tooth, you will require immediate care because it can continue chipping, exposing the pulp and the nerves if not checked. Once the nerves and pulp become exposed, you are at risk of suffering from infections and losing the affected tooth. 

  • Tooth Knocked Out

For instance, if you are engaged in sports and you get an accident that causes a tooth or teeth to fall off, you will need immediate dental services. The trauma might have extended to the nerves and soft tissue, exposing you to further complications. Dental care will evaluate whether it is possible to reattach the knocked-out tooth. 

  • Tooth Partially Dislodged 

In the event that a tooth becomes partially dislodged, it would be best to keep it in the socket until you get to the hospital. A partially dislodged tooth warrants you to seek emergency dental care for reattachment. 

  • Excessive Oral Breeding 

Excessive oral bleeding can, due to trauma, cause loss of blood and cause you to experience dizziness and paleness. If you ignore getting treated for bleeding gums, you will be at risk of suffering from periodontal disease. 

  • Severe Swelling 

The swelling can result from an infection or an abscess. Swelling limits your function because you cannot chew and hardly sleep because of the pain. It would be best to visit a dentist immediately to reduce the swelling and drain the abscess.

Importance of Emergency Dental Services 

Emergency dental services come in handy to save you time because you do not have to wait until your next appointment to get the service needed. You can get a solution to any dental-related pain without waiting for regular office hours. Further, you obtain an immediate solution for any dental issue, such as replacing dislodged teeth. Besides, you can get a consultation which will eliminate anxiety and worry. Be sure that emergency dental services reduce instances when you can lose your tooth. 


The risk of encountering an emergency is imminent, and Advantage Dental Care appreciates this fact by offering emergency dentistry services. If you experience a dental emergency and live near Springfield, Virginia, be sure to get the services from the facility at any time. Make that call or book online for immediate services.