B Curl Vs. J Curl Vs. C Curl of Eyelash Extension – A Comparison to Help You Choose the Right Curl

There are so many factors you need to consider while choosing the right type of eyelash extensions. Curl of eyelash extensions is such an important factor.

Image Courtesy: fancylash.net

There are many curls of eyelash extensions as you can find at https://www.fancylash.net. However, three curls are perhaps the most popular viz. B curl, J curl and C curl.

If you are daunted regarding which one of them to choose, here’s a helpful comparison.

Difference between B Curl, J Curl and C Curl

B Curl

The B curl is popular for so many reasons. First and foremost among them is that they are one of the most natural-looking lashes added with a dash of oomph.

B curl is just right when your requirement falls just in the middle of full glam and extremely natural extensions.

B curl is a type of lash extension that appears like a naturally curled lash. The bottom of this type of extension is significantly straight like a J curl.

However, at the tip of the lash there is a natural lift. B curl is marked just enough to make it fall apart from the J curl. This is the reason why it is the second most natural lash curl available on the market.

J Curl

J curl is for those who want perfectly wispy natural volume and length for their eyelashes.

Just as suggested by its name the J curl is noticeably straight at the bottom with only a bit of touch of curl at its tip.

Due to the lack of the curl, this type of the lash looks longer than a curlier lash extension.

However, if you have eyes that are downward facing, these lash extensions may not be right for you because the lack of the curl may generate the look of closed, sleepy eyes.

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C Curl

C curl is perhaps the most common type of curl preferred by most ladies. It offers a perfect balance between a natural charm and dramatic charisma.

Put it simply, the C curl can offer you a natural but at the same time stunning look, that too without wearing makeup.

The C curl extensions have a short base that extends out into a natural curl shape. Although it has a short base, there is an enough attaching area on the C curl that offers a long-lasting superb lash look.

Moreover, the C curl goes well with almost any eye shape. Thus, if you are looking for the natural lash with a drama, C curl is your desired lash extension.

Image Courtesy: fancylash.net

There are D curl and L+ curl as well.

The D curl is also known as “Doll Eye” and is the curliest eyelash extensions on the market. They are for those who want a dramatic look.

The L+ curl are extremely dramatic and are not for the faint-hearted. They have the maximum volume and lift.

However, you don’t need to choose a single type of curl. You can even choose a combination and cause a natural and dramatic effect at the same time.

So, which lash extension curl you’re planning to get?