Derma Roller for Face Acne Scars- Get the Scar free Skin

We all want a clean and clear face without any blemishes, acne, or acne scars. Even by adopting so many measures, all go in vain and we still suffer from many skin conditions. But one method has minimal chances of failing; Derma Roller for face Acne Scars– The best, easy and cost-effective procedure to get spot-free skin and glowing face.

What is Derma Roller and how is it effective for face scars?

Derma Roller is a skincare cosmetic equipment that works in dealing with skin issues such as acne scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone. It works effectively through its rolling fine needles that result in improved skin.

When the derma roller device is gently rolled over the surface of the skin, it punctures your skin and creates holes, this causes ‘superficial bleeding’ leading to small wounds. This triggers the body to start the wound healing process resulting in the production of collagen and increasing blood flow. This stimulation of collagen production treats the acne scars of the face and rejuvenates the skin. Additionally it also reduces the signs of skin aging, wrinkles, sagging skin, pores

How To Use the Derma Roller for face acne scars?

  1. Clean and disinfect the derma roller in the alcohol-based solution
  2. Prepare your face for a procedure. Cleanse it with a pH-balanced cleanser. Exfoliate your skin to remove the dead skin cells and impurities and make it completely ready for treatment. After that apply a serum
  3. Gently start the rolling procedure. Roll over the acne scars in all the directions- horizontal, vertical, and diagonal for about 6-8 times.
  4. Shower the face with saline solution as your skin might have been reddened because of needles.
  5. Follow up the procedure with another layer of serum as through derma roller, there will be increased absorption of serum or other topical and you will get the increased benefits
  6. After the whole treatment disinfect the derma roller again, sterilize it with warm water, soak it in an alcohol-based solution
  7. Leave the derma roller to try and put it back in the box or storage case.

Tips to Enhance the results of derma rolling

  • Use the sunscreen following the days after the derma rolling treatment
  • Avoid the derma roller around the eye area
  • Never forget to use serum or moisturizer after the treatment to get desired results
  • You can use ice packs to soothe your skin if you are feeling any pain

Best  Derma Roller for face acne scars

Gin Amber Beauty– 1.0mm Derma Roller-Acne Scars and Body

1.0mm needle length is suggested for curing acne scars. As the device reaches the papillary layer of the skin where deep acne scars, wrinkles occur and cure the skin effectively. It is recommended to use numbing cream with this length.

You can do the derma rolling procedure with a 1.0mm derma roller once every 10-14 days to get effective results. And you can see the little changes after few weeks but you will observe the main changes on the face after 1-3 months.