Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Can drug addiction be treated successfully?

Yes, addiction has been shown by medical practitioners to be a treatable disorder. Research conducted onthe treatment of drug and substance use disorders and the science of addiction has led to the improvement of research-based methods of treatment and recovery enhancement that help people to discontinuedrug usage and resume with their normal and productive lives.

Can drug addiction be cured?

Treatment of drug abuse and addiction cases is similar to that of chronic illnesses like asthma and heart complications where no specific cure is prescribed but managing the disease or the addiction is possible.

Treatment enables one to prevent the negative effects of the drug on the brain and personal behavior while working to regain control of your life.

Does relapse to drug use mean recover attempts have failed?

Not generally. The persistent issue related with enslavement implies that while a few people will recuperate effectively, others re-visitation of utilizing the medication subsequent to endeavoring to stop for quite a while. This is what is alluded to by backslide.

Relapse, however, is part of the treatment process and new treatment methods have been designed to prevent cases of relapse. Relapse in the chronic illness medication has been a common scenario where people who stop following the medication plan prescribed end up suffering severe symptoms of the illness.

The rate of relapse for people suffering from substance use disorder has been compared to relapse experienced by people under asthma and high blood pressure medication. Seeing that relapse is similar across several illnesses and very common, substance use disorders and addiction should be considered like other chronic cases during treatment.

Relapse serves as an indicator for new, modified or resumed treatment. Treating a drug abuse condition involves trying to change a deeply rooted behavior and relapse does not indicate failure of the medication. When a person under addiction treatment relapse, it only indicates that they need to get in touch to their physicians to either resume treatment, try another type of medication or modify the current medication.

Principles of effective Drug Addiction Recovery

Research shows that medicine can be the first treatment option for treating opioids and substance abuse (prescription pain relievers or narcotics such as opioids or fentanyl), typically paired with a form of psychological treatment or counselling. There are also drugs used to help cure alcohol and nicotine abuse.

Likewise, medicines are utilized to assist patients with detoxifying drugs, yet detoxification isn’t equivalent to recovery and can’t assist an individual with recuperating. What’s more, detoxification itself without simultaneous treatment prompts narcotic use being resuscitated.

No drugs are readily available for those with opioid addictions such as stimulants or cannabinoids to aid with recovery, so treatment consists of therapeutic interventions. Treatment should be personalized to resolve the trends of opioid use and substance-related physical, behavioral and social issues of each case.