Significance of Family Medicine Practice

Family Practice And Its Importance | Texas Medical Institute

Family medicine plays a significant role in your health goal if you look forward to enjoying life and good health. Suppose this is you, there is an answer next door.  Dr. Leela Patel South Charleston, a board-certified specialist in family medicine, focuses on offering health care services to all persons. She has a team with the same desire to give out only the best possible care to all patients. Whether the treatment involves minor injuries or managing chronic conditions, they can help you find a convenient and effectively lasting solution.

What does Family Medicine constitute?

Family medicine devotes health care services to people of all ages, from infants to the aged. The services they offer can include care to patients in all health conditions, being the first contact for a patient. They can also navigate health care, follow up on patients, and impact a family’s health.

What are the Services Available in Family Medicine?

You can enjoy different services when you schedule a family medicine consultation.

Primary Care

It involves health care services that support the general wellness of a person. Primary care physicians undergo training to solve problems relating to coughs, viruses, colds, and minor infections. The care they give becomes a vital part of health as they can prevent you from developing diseases in the future and manage ill health conditions. Thus, early intervention means early resolution before the actual complication can occur.

Management of Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases last longer than just a few months and are often incurable. Such conditions include cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, HIV/AIDS, and Alzheimer’s. Living with one of such conditions can prove challenging, a reason why you may need family medicine to help you manage. Your family medicine provider will consider several factors to help develop a well-planned management schedule. You will receive insights on how to live, information to help you cope, and advice when you need one. Therefore ensuring you get to enjoy life without feeling sick all the time.

Preventive Medicine

The primary objective of preventive medicine is to obtain information on your health and work out ways to minimize future complications. Preventive medicine extensively focuses on physical exams to record information concerning individual health. Other services that can be in preventive medicine are weight monitoring, blood pressure levels, and geriatric care. You can also get immunizations, screening tests, and annual exams.

Why should you Get Family Medicine Services?

The first best reason would be that a family medicine physician follows your life cycle. Thus, you can create a long-lasting friendship with a doctor who truly understands your health. Second, you can quickly get referrals from your doctor to the correct specialist over significant concerns. Your family doctor knows you. Therefore, it will be easy to find the right fit depending on your personality and needs.

Family medicine services are readily available at Patel & Patel, M.D., and Inc. if you want to be on top of your health. You can enjoy short- and long-term benefits from the providers for any symptoms and health concerns. Call or visit the facility for help if you need any. Online appointments are also available for booking if you may need one.