The Many Benefits of Wearing Retainers

Braces are a huge investment for everyone. Not only are braces expensive, but they also require to be worn for long periods, even years, to enjoy the full effect. If you are looking to protect your investment and warrant they maintain your refreshed, gleaming smile lasts as long as feasible, retainers are for you. However, having your retainer could become more of a nuisance as time passes. The expert staff at House of Braes are aware of this, but they also recognize the importance of retainers in maintaining your outcomes. Therefore, to assist their patients in New York and beyond, orthodontic specialist Dr. Lai and his team would like to outline the five significant advantages of retainers. Here are several compelling reasons to always keep your retainer in Flushing on:

1)  It Maintains the Alignment of Your Teeth

Your teeth will take some time to adjust to their new placements. Your gum tissue, muscles, and bones must all adjust to the changes induced by your orthodontic therapy. If you do not utilize your retainer for the prescribed amount of time following your teeth have straightened, they may shift back into position.

2)  It Protects You Against Tongue Thrusts

Some persons protrude their tongue forward whenever they swallow, converse, or while their tongue is at rest. If you experience tongue thrust, it may cause your teeth to move forward, causing your freshly aligned grin to be ruined. Luckily, Dr. Lai could fit you with a customized retainer that will serve as a line of protection, keeping your teeth in place.

3)  It Prevents You from Clenching Your Teeth

Your mouth will feel completely different when you remove your braces or quit wearing Invisalign. As they adapt to the changing sensations, some individuals clench their jaws. Dr. Lai could customize your retainer to drive home the point not to clench and a fight against clenching; thus, preventing issues such as teeth grinding and migraines.

4)  It Could Complete the Task

If you still have little space between your teeth following orthodontic therapy, Dr. Lai and his team may equip you with a retainer that gently guides those gaps shut.

5)  It Safeguards Your Dental Health

Aligned teeth are easy to clean. Keeping your retainer allows you to uphold the results of your braces or Invisalign therapy. As such, it makes flossing and brushing easier, allowing you to maintain an aligned and sparkling white smile.

If you are experiencing difficulties remembering to wear your retainer or bringing it along as you step out of the house, Dr. Lai provides several helpful tips:

  •         Keep it in the same place at all times, like your house or car keys
  •         Ensure you have enough room in your backpack, purse, etc., to hold your retainer case
  •         Encourage children to wear their retainers, particularly during the first several weeks through small rewards

Retainers could help keep your teeth in position and preserve your healthy smile. If you have concerns about your teeth alignment or are on the verge of removing braces, this orthodontic therapy option is worthy of consideration. Dr. Lai and his expert team provide two kinds of retainers at House of Braces; removable and permanent retainers. To help you determine what retainer is best for you, call the office or book an appointment online today.