Your First Prenatal Massage: What To Expect

If this happens to be your first time being pregnant, it could be a puzzling time. At this time, you should be gaining knowledge about and questioning which of the different activities that you enjoy are secure!

Fortunately, being pregnant and getting a great massage isn’t just the simplest activity to revel in; it’s also encouraged! Studies display that a massage all through being pregnant can assist with controlling the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, along with paving the way for a less complicated labor.

Here are all of the things you’d want to learn before you go ahead and book your first prenatal massage session!

Is it safe to get a massage all through being pregnant?

Yes, massage is safe to get when you are pregnant. Some spas discourage this all through the primary trimester. There is a myth that massage can, in some way, eject the child during every stage of pregnancy. This isn’t true! A prenatal massage is safe and encouraged. However, it would be good to consult your OBGYN once before you book a session as every patient is unique and it’s best not to generalize things related to your health and the health of your baby.

How does prenatal massage vary from everyday massage?

Prenatal massages are tailored to the anatomical modifications of your frame. Traditionally, while you consider massage, you’re in all likelihood picturing yourself face down on a massage table. Things will appear a bit odd to you through your prenatal massage because the most effective way to get a prenatal massage is to be on your side. If you’re looking for the best prenatal massage in Williamsburg, reach out to PRESS Modern Massage today!

What are the advantages of a relaxing prenatal rubdown?

Reduces Swelling

A prenatal masseuse is educated to help with lymphatic drainage and make it a part of your prenatal rubdown. This method will assist to lessen swelling that you will be experiencing all through being pregnant. The swelling may occur in locations like your legs, palms and feet (so long as that swelling isn’t always an end result of preeclampsia).

Facilitates Bonding with the Baby

Housing a brand-new child could make your frame feel heavy to you at times. Massage is an extremely good manner to connect your frame and mind. It might also assist you to construct connections with your child.

Stabilizes Hormones

Regular rubdown all through being pregnant can help with lessening anxiety, and also improve your mood.

Improves Nerve Pain

Sciatica and piriformis syndrome are very not unusual signs and symptoms of being pregnant. This may feel like numbness or tingling withinside the lower back, bum and probably all of the leg. Prenatal rubdown also can get rid of carpal tunnel ache.

Makes Delivery Easier

Studies display ladies who’ve everyday massages all through being pregnant have shorter labors (3 hours shorter on average!) and tend to not call for pain medication. This is mostly in all likelihood because of a decrease in pressure hormones.

Improves Circulation

Massage improves blood movement. Improved movement is in particular critical all through being pregnant as it permits your frame to supply extra vitamins and oxygen to the child. The extra vitamins and oxygen the child gets, the more it could grow healthy.

Can prenatal massage get your frame ready for labour?

Prenatal massage is an extremely good way to put together your frame for the marathon of delivery that is to come. When you are in labour and you need to push it’s a great deal less complicated to achieve this while your muscular tissues are in a comfortable state. Every prenatal massage ought to consist of a mini session of massage round your hips.

Your clinical massage therapist will create a specialized remedy plan for you, primarily based totally to your particular needs.  Get ready to have an easier labour and delivery, and fewer pregnancy symptoms!