7 Hygiene Habits That You Should Let Your Kids Know

Playing and learning is a priority for children, so sometimes we must remind them of the importance of caring for their hygiene. Personal hygiene in children is essential for their self-confidence and health, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult task. These tips will guide you.

Brush Your Teeth Three Times A Day

Make brushing your teeth fun! Encourage children to make sounds like a mouse brushing their front teeth, roar like a lion with their back teeth, or entertain them with songs for a full two minutes. Explain why keeping teeth healthy is essential, especially when it comes to eating all of their favorite crunchy foods


Handwashing can be difficult or boring for children to remember until they understand its importance. Why not illustrate the concept of a bacterium with a game of frost?

Cover your hands in frost. Explain that germs are like invisible bits of frost and show him how the glitter is transferred to everything they touch. Ask your little one to help wash the frost off your hands, showing him how important this process is to stop the spread of this “invisible glow,” especially before meals and after using the bathroom.

Teach Him To Use Wet Toilet Paper

Children should know how to best clean themselves after using the toilet. Help them get into the habit of supplementing dry with wet toilet paper for the ultimate clean feeling.

Explain Why She Needs To Change Her Underwear Every Day

Help them understand the difference between a good smell and a foul smell by showing them how the clothes smell good when they are finished washing. Explain that they will smell just as good if they change their underwear every day

Promote their independence by letting them choose their underwear, and encourage them to put their used clothes in a laundry basket. After all, organizing laundry isn’t just Mom or Dad’s job

Bathe Regularly

Teach them that taking a bath or shower is not only an essential personal hygiene habit; it is also fun and relaxing. Turn this time of day into a pampering and bubbling session to make it something to look forward to and also apply children body lotion which can be seen in farmaciamarket.es to their body

Cutting The Nails

Children often put their fingers in their mouths, and because long nails can harbor bacteria, it is best to keep them short. If your little one has a hard time trimming his nails, try doing it while he’s in the bathtub. You will relax and associate happy moments with personal hygiene.

Foot Cleaning

The feet are in contact with the ground and inside the shoes, where they usually keep germs or fungi. Explain your little one that it is normal for feet to smell bad, but to avoid it, keep them clean, dry and avoid going barefoot on dirty surfaces or public showers.