How long do the effects of mushroom chocolate last?

Magic mushroom chocolates provide a delicious and convenient way to experience psilocybin. Infusing the ground mushrooms into chocolate masks the taste and makes ingesting easier. It also prolongs the effects compared to eating mushrooms directly. But exactly how long do the effects last when taking magic mushroom chocolates? 

Onset of effects

Smoking or vaping psilocybin mushrooms, and eating them requires time for the body to digest and metabolize the psilocybin into psilocin before effects manifest. Consuming mushrooms directly typically produces first effects around 20-40 minutes after ingestion. With mushroom chocolates, onset takes slightly longer at 45-75 minutes. This delay is due to the chocolate having to melt and break down before releasing the mushrooms. Full effects don’t peak until at least 2 hours after dosing.

Coming up 

The onset of magic mushroom chocolate is usually very gradual starting with subtle physical sensations like warmth spreading through the limbs, fluttering stomach, and a growing sense of anticipation. Open and closed-eye visuals slowly start morphing with colors becoming brighter and patterns emerging. Thought streams speed up, realizations arise, and creativity explodes. Everything takes on a magical quality and perception shifts as you transition from coming up to peaking.

Peak effects

The peak mushroom chocolate effects occur 2-3 hours after ingestion and last around 1-2 hours at full intensity. It is when the trip reaches maximum power. Sensory enhancement is heightened with synesthesia being common. Ego dissolution leads to mystical states of interconnectedness and timelessness. Visuals are strongly pronounced during the peak with eyes-open hallucinations possible at higher doses. Therapeutic psychological work and self-discovery flourish in this window.

Coming down 

After peaking, the effects begin slowly subsiding over the next 2-3 hours. The decline is usually gradual allowing you to process and integrate your experience. Visuals dissipate while analytical thinking and conversation return. You’ll begin feeling more normal but with an afterglow of contentment and clarity. Take this chance to meditate or journal about your journey. Weed can prolong this phase but isn’t recommended initially.


Following the main effects wearing off is a period of afterglow lasting around 6-24 hours. It encompasses residual effects like elevated mood, mental clarity, and creative thinking. You may feel more positive, motivated, and inspired to implement life changes. Making the most of this afterglow through reflection and healthy living keeps the momentum going after tripping.

Returning to normal

By the 12-hour mark after ingesting mushroom chocolate you should feel back to normal with no psychedelic effects, just residual positivity. Some report feeling drained or having a mild “mushroom hangover” so take it easy. Make sure to eat and hydrate well. The following night’s sleep may be extra vivid and restorative. Give yourself at least 48 hours before any cannabis, alcohol, or other substances. 

Factors that modify duration

Many variables affect the duration of mushroom chocolate effects:

  1. Dose – Higher doses prolong effects substantially 
  2. Tolerance – Frequent tripping builds tolerance requiring higher doses 
  3. Sensitivity – Some people digest and metabolize slower 
  4. Mushroom potency – Stronger mushrooms contain more psilocybin
  5. Chocolate ingredients – More fat and sugar extends effects
  6. Activities – Moving around outdoors shortens effects vs resting calmly 
  7. Experience – First-timers often have shorter durations

As you work with mushroom chocolates, monitor durations and how factors affect you. Find the optimal dose and setting for your needs.