Top 10 Ayahuasca centers in Peru 2021 (reviewed)

If you are thinking of visiting Peru, experiencing the unique spiritual healing done with the spirit of the Ayahuasca vines should be included in your itinerary. And if you have already included that, doing thorough research should also be included. At first glance, this whole thing may look like a party with drugs included, as the Ayahuasca plant contains compounds similar to dmt, which is also found in drugs like LSD. It has hallucinogenic properties, hallucinations being one of the side effects of the plant. But let not this sway you, as the Ayahuasca ceremony is strictly for the spiritual healing of your mind, body, soul – and is believed to also deal with anger issues and cancer.

For the natives of Peru, this ceremony is sacred, without any ill intentions attached to it. It is to be performed by true shamans, or the whole ordeal could go down. But there may be some scams that could pretend to be ‘shamans of Ayahuasca ‘and extort money. Or drug you with bad intentions. That is why looking for packages that offer authentic ceremonies can bring you a life-changing experience.

Here are 10 Ayahuasca centers in Peru, that are reliable and real. These places vary in packages, ranging from 1-week programs to 7 weeks programs. They have other incentives and recreational activities like yoga, hiking, art, and so on.

  • Behold retreats Ayahuasca retreat Peru
  • Private Ayahuasca retreat Peru
  • Gaisa tree center Ayahuasca retreat Peru
  • Kawsay Ayahuasca retreat Peru
  • Pachamama temple Ayahuasca retreat Peru
  • Flower of life Ayahuasca retreat Peru
  • Nimea kaya Ayahuasca retreat Peru
  • Ayahuasca foundation Ayahuasca retreat Peru
  • Caya shobo Ayahuasca retreat Peru
  • Blue morpho Ayahuasca retreat Peru

Even though the Ayahuasca retreat is done in groups, people who are traveling together – like couples or family can get a private experience through the private Ayahuasca retreat Peru. It is verified to be the best for the retreat experience that you are looking for. Just in private.

Though the safest go-to centers can be these centers, try to thoroughly check the retreat you are signing for. This is not only about the money but also your physical and mental health. Like its mentioned above, Ayahuasca can be used in a wrong and unethical manner, and used for malpractices. Tourists are always prey in the eyes of people with hidden motives in a foreign place. So making sure you get the authentic experience that you are looking for.

DMT is a dangerous drug, something used for drug victims. As Ayahuasca vines contain them, it’s better to check this dmt Peru link before traveling over to that place.