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There is a saying that in a healthy body there is a healthy soul. Surely you know this saying very well, right? Then, what does this saying have to do with trading forex, stocks, commodities, and others?

Talking about forex and so on, of course, traders and investors always talk about open positions, trading management, indicators, trading psychology, market analysis, and everything related to trading to the tools. Where these devices are often forgotten or even often neglected. However, it is very important for a true trader to have. The important device referred to here is the body and health of a trader himself.

Most of the traders are able to spend up to 12 hours of trading time in 1 day to always be in front of a laptop or PC monitor. In fact, concentration is needed before making a decision in trading. Taking extra care of health is actually really necessary for a trader for the smooth running of all the activities of a trader in his daily life.
Healthy trading tips

1. Keep your viewing distance with the monitor screen at least between 50 – 100 cm, then use a table and chair that you think is comfortable.

2. We recommend that you use a monitor with LCD or LED technology, then the settings according to the comfort of your eyes.

3. Have your eyes checked regularly and wear anti-radiation glasses if necessary.

4. Also pay attention to air circulation and use adequate lighting in the room when you are trading.

5. Eat, drink, and consume additional vitamins regularly, so that your condition remains in shape.

6. Do not force your body for any reason while you are trading, immediately rest for 6 to 8 hours a day and rest your eyes for a moment, at least 5 minutes every hour.

7. Take your time to exercise regularly so that your physical condition remains healthy and fit.

8. Most importantly, make time for worship, your family, and friends.

Promising such a large profit, it is not surprising that many people are interested in learning the correct way of forex trading and looking for a trusted forex broker for their partner. There is a big advantage in it, of course, there is a big risk too.
ForexTime FXTM

When you are looking for the best forex trading app, don’t forget the forextime review. This can help you start trading safely. FXTM ForexTime is a good and totally safe forex trading application or software that has been around for a long time and is widely known by people from all over the world. These include automated currency brokers, and you can use them to invest in the lucrative world of trading.

For those of you who are experts or beginners, you can use this trading platform, because it is specially designed, so that it can provide various conveniences for both experts in the field of trading and beginners. Well, if you are interested in getting started, you can use this best forex trading application.
Is FXTM a Regulated Broker?

Yes, FXTM is regulated by the IFSC. In that case, segregate client funds, have a strong industry reputation, and have the core values ​​of trust and respect.
How to claim the FXTM Bonus?

Bonuses vary from platform to platform, so it is important to understand the details of earning and earning any bonus. The platform does offer a rewards loyalty program where you can get cashback. Full details can be found on their website, but this offers their clients another way to earn a little more money. From there, look for various bonuses that include a 30% deposit bonus. To claim this bonus make sure you meet various criteria.
How to Verify Your Account?

In order to “verify your account”, you need proof of identity, which can be a passport or driver’s license. In addition, you will need proof of the address that is on your water or gas bill and a certificate of residency. This is common among many brokers out there.
How to Close Your Account?

To close your FXTM account, you will first withdraw all your funds and close the account. From there you should be set. However, if you wish to return to FXTM you should be able to reactivate your account and start trading again.

Overall, FXTM is a solid platform that offers clients great value for their dollar. Take the time to test out the platform with a demo account. From there, take a look at the options in the education section and review the various products on offer.