What Is the Connection between Dental Implants and Bone Grafting? 

Missing a tooth is a challenging condition to tolerate, and you must consider it an important issue. As a dentist applying teeth implant in Vancouver emphasizes, you should never leave your tooth’s place empty because it causes other dental and oral problems like jawbone deformation, gum line issues, and other teeth decay. How can you replace or restore your lost and missed tooth? There are different methods to restore natural teeth with artificial ones. Some dentists may suggest you have dentures instead of your natural tooth. But dental implants are the best choice for the teeth replacement process. If you have enough budget to experience implants, never hesitate and arrange a dental time with your cosmetic dentist as soon as possible. You can also use other teeth replacement methods, such as dental crowns if you don’t have enough budget for implants. Moreover, dental bridges are excellent options for restoring lost and missed teeth. 

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How Are Dental Implants Processed? 

In case of a hard time trying dentures, dental bridges, and dental crowns, it is better to try dental implants. These artificial teeth are the best choice for lost and missed teeth because they support your gum and jawbone. 

Implant surgery will be a little bit hard and painful for you. Moreover, you may not have enough dental bone to replace your lost and missed teeth properly. What is the solution to treat the lack of jaw bone before implants? 

One of the most critical steps during the implant process is bone grafting. This step will increase the amount of your jawbone and make you ready for implant surgery. 

Don’t underestimate this step and try it before following the preparation process for your implant surgery. 

Bone grafting is also a type of surgery. After bone grafting surgery, you may face dental and oral swelling, some bruising, and dental or oral pain. It also takes some months to get better and heal after this surgery. 

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How Is Bone Grafting in Dental Implants Process? 

You may need 3 to 6 months of the healing process of bone grafting before the implant process. This surgery will increase your jawbone and get it ready for implant surgery. It is necessary to try this surgery before implanting one. 

Note that only some people need bone grafting. Only people with a shortage of bone will need to try bone grafting surgery. There are 2 types of bone grafting, as below:

Minor bone grafting surgery: 

Cosmetic dentists get bone from other sides of your jaw to increase your bone before implant surgery. They must use local anesthesia to make your mouth and jaw as numb as possible. You won’t feel pain anymore.

Major bone grafting surgery: 

Your chosen cosmetic dentist will get more bones to make your jawbone for implant surgery. They will get the bone from other parts of your body. Your mouth bone is not enough or proper enough. They also will use particular medicine to make you feel comfortable during this surgery.

As we said in this post, bone grafting is essential to implant surgery. A cosmetic dentist will check if you need bone grafting or not.