5 Major Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are mostly used to replace damaged or missing teeth with screw-like posts and metals. Having a dental implant is as close as having a natural tooth because it doesn’t affect other teeth and is very stable. Dental implants in Jasper are mostly made of titanium, enabling them to fit in with the bone without being identified as the foreign tooth. Their success rate is 98%. Book an appointment with dental care at Jasper and get better treatment today.

Benefits of dental implants

  • Dental implants keep the existing teeth stable

The gap left by a missing tooth makes the other teeth grow crookedly towards the gap. A fap affects the teeth because they tend to shift from their position affecting your bite, appearance, and the ability to chew. Shifting teeth makes tooth replacement more difficult in the near future, but replacing the gap with an implant improves your bite and appearance.

  • Dental implants prevent bone loss

Where there is a missing tooth, the jaw bone deteriorates because it lacks stimulation. If action is not taken within the first year, the bone area might have lost 30% of its volume. Dental implants replace the tooth and its roots, restoring the chewing.

  • Dental implants are easy to care for

Dental implants are easy to maintain because they require the same care as natural teeth. Maintenance includes regular dental check-ups, flossing twice a day, and brushing. Most people think that dental implants don’t need to be cleaned because they are not made from organic materials, but this is far from being true. Dental implants can attract gum disease, plaque, infections, and tartar without the right care.

  • Dental implants improve your appearance

Dental implants improve your facial appearance by preventing further deterioration of the facial structure. When all teeth are missing, nothing is left to stimulate bone growth in the jaw. Your body can sense that the jawbone is not supporting any teeth, and it begins to fade away. This bone reduction causes the lips to fold in, wrinkles develop around the mouth, and the lower face creates a witch-like chin. With implants, the facial structure and the wrinkles are eliminated, and your appearance is improved.

  • Implants make it easy to speak

Our teeth play a key role because they help us with certain pronunciation, so missing a few important teeth at the front can cause a difference in your speech which can be distracting and embarrassing. Implants can correct these issues. They provide a surface where your tongue presses against when forming words. Implants are held firmly, preventing sliding or slipping around in the mouth. This structure enables you to speak confidently and easily.

If you have one or more missing or damaged teeth, you don’t have to worry about yourself because dental implants offer the best solution to your problem. Dental implants act like natural teeth by improving your appearance and your speech. Dental implants have a long life span making them the best option for replacing lost teeth. Contact Advanced Dental Care of East Texas if you need to install dental implants.