Acupuncture: An Effective Treatment For Chronic Pain

Acupuncture is a strategy that involves making needle insertions at specific body parts for treatment purposes. The needles are usually very thin, and the depths of insertions vary depending on the treatment site and the patient’s condition. The neurological effect of the treatment is why New York City Dr. Travall’s Acupuncture is the most popular solution for various patients’ complaints like pain.

How does acupuncture work?

One of the most popular beliefs in Traditional Chinese medicine is the role of harmony and balance in enhancing health and well-being. Yin and Yang are two complementary extremes whose balance determines the survival of ‘qi,’ the life force. Any time there is an imbalance of the two complementary extremes, illness occurs.

Three hundred fifty acupuncture points in the human body provide access to specific pathways in which ‘qi’ flows. Accessing this pathway by strategically inserting thin needles into these acupuncture points may restore the balance of energy flow. The only disadvantage to this premise is that although acupuncture effectively treats specific ailments, there is no scientific proof supporting the existence of pathways for life force.

Researchers use a neuroscience explanation to understand acupuncture from a scientific perspective better. Instead of describing acupuncture points as access points for ‘qi,’ scientists explain that these points allow for stimulation of nerves, muscle, and connective tissue. Consequently, blood flow increases, thus triggering pain relief mechanisms.

Which patients benefit from acupuncture?

One of the most prevalent conditions that acupuncture helps relieve is headaches and migraines that result from tension or stress. Chronic pain and osteoarthritis are other diseases for which patients can receive relief through acupuncture therapy.

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a relatively safe procedure as long as the specialist in charge performs it correctly. Therefore, patients must seek treatment with care providers with the necessary certifications to prove their field experience and knowledge.

Because acupuncture is a safe procedure, patients benefit from fewer side effects common with other treatments, especially invasive procedures. If pain medications do not provide the relief you need, acupuncture may be a conservative treatment to try before opting for surgery.

What should you expect during an acupuncture treatment?

Before going through with the treatment, your care provider needs to complete a thorough assessment of your physical state. Reviewing your medical history also plays a role in determining whether acupuncture treatments are an ideal choice for your concerns.

After the assessment, the acupuncturist will insert the thin, sterile needles into the skin in the treatment site. The number of needles needed will depend on the patient’s condition. You will be lying during your session, and whether you will be facing front or back will depend on the treatment location.

Your doctor should only use disposable sterile needles to minimize the risk of infection. After insertion, the needles will remain in your skin for five to thirty minutes before the acupuncturist can remove them. Your doctor must recommend self-care guidelines and complementary treatments that will increase the chances of treatment success. You may need additional treatment sessions, especially if you have chronic pain.

Living with pain makes it difficult to focus and complete tasks. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Travall Groom, DAC, to determine if acupuncture is the right treatment option to relieve your discomfort.