Be Aware of These Common Holiday Crimes!

Most Common Crimes Committed During the Holidays

The holiday season usually means gatherings with friends and family, cooking dinner, and showering loved ones with gifts and flowers. However, it also means a spike in crimes. Criminals get more creative during the holiday season, taking advantage of the fact that people are busy with preparations. 


If you have been accused of such a crime, it is important that you take the important steps to defend yourself immediately. Just because someone thought you were committing a crime does not mean you should suffer the consequences. Get in contact with a criminal defence lawyer New Westminster to protect your rights. 


Common holiday crimes

  • Shoplifting. 


Shoplifting is a common crime throughout the year, but it spikes even more during the holiday season since businesses are busy and crowded. Even with extra hired help, it is not always possible for the employees to fully attend to every person in the store. Therefore, shoplifters take advantage of these conditions and steal. 


Even though shoplifting may not seem like a big deal, legal penalties can be costly. It may lead to fines or even jail time. Theft of even the smallest items can bring up big problems. 

  • DUI. 


Holidays are a common time to drink. People party with their friends and family and then head home in their vehicles in a drunken state. While this is common, it is certainly not safe and leads to criminal charges. This is also why Law Enforcement is extra vigilant during the holiday season and pulls anyone if they exhibit signs of potential intoxication. 


If you were pulled over for a DUI and arrested in New Westminster, remember that a failed breathalyzer test does not necessarily mean you are guilty. Many times these tests show false results due to technical issues or inaccuracy. 

  • Burglary. 


Gift-giving is a common tradition during the holidays, and criminals sure do know that. Therefore, burglary is one of the most common crimes during the festive time as thieves break into people’s homes to look for valuable presents. This is why it is important to lock vehicles and homes properly, as burglars usually do not try entering locked cars and houses. 


It is easy to be suspected of burglary if you were found near the site when the theft occurred. Remember to consult with an attorney and work with them to gather evidence. Solid evidence and witness statements can help prove your innocence. 


You might be stressed if you were charged with one of these holiday crimes. Hire an attorney today.