Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a dental technique that involves treating various oral problems. The procedure addresses tooth decay and cavities, tooth loss, chipped, broken, cracked, overcrowded and gapped teeth. Full mouth reconstruction Irvine combines cosmetic and restorative techniques to improve oral functioning, health and appearance. Depending on your dental disorder, your dentist may perform one or several treatment procedures. You will require several appointments for the entire process. After full mouth reconstruction, your teeth will be stronger and healthier. There are various benefits of full mouth reconstruction, which include:

Restores your facial and smile appearance

Full mouth reconstruction addresses many cosmetic problems. Tooth loss makes your cheeks sink, making you look older. The process replaces missing teeth, restores damaged teeth, and treats cosmetic issues like discoloration, gum recession, and periodontal diseases. Straight, aligned, and brighter teeth will give you a younger and an appealing smile. Replacing lost teeth restores your face, giving you a youthful appearance.

Improves oral functioning

Taking certain foods and drinks may be challenging if you lose teeth or are damaged. Swollen and painful gums may hinder you from eating or taking hot beverages. Full mouth restoration addresses teeth, gum, and jaw problems restoring normal oral functioning. Treatments like dental crowns and implants improve biting and chewing force. You can enjoy all foods and drinks after full mouth reconstruction.

Improves your oral health

If you stay for a prolonged period without replacing your lost teeth, your jaw bone may deteriorate. Defects like crooked and overcrowded teeth can make brushing and flossing ineffective, accumulating plaque and tartar between your teeth and gums. Tartar can cause tooth cavities and gum diseases. You will be able to maintain proper oral hygiene after treatment. Full mouth reconstruction treats all dental defects improving your oral health.

Treats and prevents periodontal diseases

Periodontal diseases are conditions affecting your gums. They are a primary concern in full mouth reconstruction. If your periodontal infection worsens, it can lead to bone loss, discolored gums, gum recession, and deep gum pockets. Deep gum pockets can cause tooth loss. Full mouth reconstruction controls and treats periodontal problems to prevent further oral damage.

It boosts overall health

Tooth cavities and gum diseases can worsen some medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. If your immune system constantly fights oral infections, it may be weak to fight off other disorders leading to general health deterioration. Treating dental defects prevents and controls many health issues. Full mouth reconstruction restores your oral health, leading to improved overall health.

Improves your self-confidence

Losing teeth, overcrowded and crooked teeth can make it challenging to pronounce some words and letters. Difficulty in speech can lower your confidence to talk in social gatherings. You can also have low self-esteem to laugh or smile before people when your teeth are stained or misaligned. Full mouth functioning restores lost teeth, whitens your and aligns your teeth, improving your dental look and self-confidence.

Full mouth reconstruction combines many procedures to treat dental problems. The process restores oral health and functioning and improves the appearance of your teeth and smile. Schedule an appointment at Smile by Design Dental Group for full mouth reconstruction to improve your oral health.