Care To Take After Each Laser Hair Removal Session

Some care after each Underarm laser hair removal (เลเซอร์ ขน รักแร้ ราคา which is the term in Thai) session ensures more comfort and consistently effective treatment!

1 Wear Light Clothing After Laser Hair Removal

As much as possible, avoid clothes that are too tight and made of synthetic fabrics that make it difficult for the skin to breathe naturally. Always give preference to spaghetti straps and avoid pants that are too tight. The skin may feel a little red and burning, so light clothing is best on the day of treatment. Prefer cotton and lighter fabrics.

2 Moisturizers After Laser Hair Removal

Using moisturizers with soothing principles on the skin greatly relieves the burning sensation if it appears. Usually, it is the most sensitive skins that have more redness after shaving. In these cases, extra care should be taken with clothes and hot baths. It is worth remembering that the recommendation is to always look for a Dermatologist to identify your skin type and which cream is perfect for post-laser hair removal.

3 Use Sunscreen After Laser Hair Removal

We have already emphasized that being exposed to the sun does not contribute to the quality of the treatment, precisely, to a result without blemishes. So, if the goal is to be permanently hair free and without risk to the skin, write it down:

Use sunscreen in areas where the laser was used, especially within 7 days after each session.  The skin can already be more sensitized; imagine with the sun?

4 Use Only Razor After Laser Hair Removal Sessions

The hairs cannot be removed from the root during the entire treatment period with laser hair removal. It is recommended that you use a blade for those hairs that still grow and that, throughout the treatment, need to be recognized by the laser. The hair growth phases must be respected, hence the need to complete all sessions.