Causes and solution of swollen hand









You can notice a condition where hands and fingers appear to be larger than normal with puffy skin. Sometimes fluid may build up inside the tissue of the hands. This event can result in a swollen hand [มือ บวม]. It can happen at a particular time of the day or may have a link to certain activities. Maintaining a proper record of the time or activity can help you pinpoint the accurate reason for the condition. Specific lifestyle changes can be enough to make it go away, but proper treatment is effective for the cure in case of medical issues. There are certain important factors responsible for this condition.

Solution for morning swelling

You may notice your hands were swollen, particularly in the morning due to fluid build-up overnight. Fluid circulation can help in reducing the swelling by stretching of arms and hands. Common physical activities include stretching both the arms above your head and holding the position for a few moments. Another way is doing cyclic movements with the wrist while stretching the arms out Repetitive straight movement involving clenching fingers into a fist and then releasing them will help you in an effective fluid movement. The treatment of warm and cold water compression can help with the symptoms. You must involve in some physical activity instead of sitting still for a long time.

Solution for hot climate swelling

In the summer, the blood vessels expand and help in keeping the body cool by sending more blood to the skin. This expansion can cause some fluid to move into the tissues of the hand. You can fix this condition by running the hands under cool water or immersing them in a bucket. Sometimes you may notice wearing tight watches or jewellery can reduce fluid circulation in the body. It goes the same with wearing tight-fitted clothes. It increases the discomfort as well as swelling. So, it will help you wear loose-fitting clothes and accessories. So now you know about two important causes and solutions for the condition.