Do You Qualify For Sclerotherapy?

Appearances matter in the psychological well-being of every person. You might suffer from low self-confidence because of how you look when veins appear on your skin. These veins might also come with pain and itchiness. Finding a perfect solution for bulging and visible veins could be challenging if it were not for advancements in the medical field. Sclerotherapy Tallahassee is an innovative treatment that ensures you get rid of vein issues without surgery. In this article, you will learn if you qualify for the treatment or not.

  • Do You Have Varicose Veins?

If you notice protruding veins on the legs and feet, you can benefit from sclerotherapy treatment. The bulging on the legs causes you to become conscious of how your legs appear. Also, if you have tried to manage the condition using compression stockings and they are not helping, you might want to consider the treatment. The doctor injects a solution that makes the affected vein close, and the blood gets diverted to the healthy veins nearby. With time, the bulging veins disappear, and you eventually get smooth legs.

  • Do You Have Spider Veins

You might observe that you have small veins that appear close to the skin as webs or branches. The bluish or reddish color caused by the appearance of the veins affects your appearance, especially on the face. If you don’t get the treatment, you take the risk of the spider veins progressing to varicose veins. Sclerotherapy effectively eliminates the appearance of spider veins and gives you perfect skin. 

  • Unpleasant Symptoms

If your veins do not function normally, you will experience unpleasant symptoms. You might consider consulting your physician about sclerotherapy treatment. You can eliminate these unpleasant symptoms such as itching, aching, and swelling by getting the treatment.

  • Other Issues Not Related to Veins

Sclerotherapy treats other conditions that are not related to the veins. For instance, you might be having issues with the lymphatic system where fluid fails to flow as expected. Getting sclerotherapy treatment causes the affected lymphatic vessel to collapse.

Additionally, you can benefit from the treatment if you experience pain when passing stool because of bulging blood vessels in the rectum area. The treatment works effectively if you have more minor hemorrhoids. The hydrocele condition that causes the fluid to accumulate around the male reproductive area can effectively be treated through sclerotherapy.

  • What To Expect

After visiting the facility and the doctor establishes that sclerotherapy is a suitable treatment, they will inject the targeted area with fluid. The sclerosing agent irritates the vessel’s lining and causes the walls to close. After the vessel closes and blood or fluid diverts to nearby healthy vessels, the vessel will disappear with time.

Sclerotherapy is an innovative treatment well-known for treating vein-related issues. The Tallahassee Vein and Face Clinic ensure that you get the sclerotherapy procedure from the best physicians. Therefore, you should not continue struggling with the unpleasant appearance and symptoms when you can get treatment. Please book your appointment today by calling or requesting it online.