Five Facts about Orthodontics

A perfect smile has many characteristics, including well-aligned teeth. People have had problems with crooked teeth that do not fit perfectly on their jaws. The crooked teeth affect your bite and minimize your smile’s confidence. Not everyone is aware that this is a problem that has a remedy, and you can be able to restore your crooked teeth to their natural state and enjoy your normal bight and a good smile. Do not go far seeking a solution, as Momentum Dental Care is there to sort your dental problems. The specialist will examine your teeth and formulate braces that fit your jaw to help align your teeth. They also guide you on the measures to protect your teeth and gum while having the braces on and even after you remove them. Learn a few facts about orthodontics before booking your appointment.

Braces Are Very Affordable

There is always a misconception that braces are expensive and, therefore, only the rich can afford to wear them. However, this is not the case as they are affordable depending on the kind of treatment you wish to undergo. There are also insurance and payment plan benefits to cater to the cost. Your dentist will do everything to ensure you restore your smile

Braces Do More Than Straighten Your Teeth

Many people will seek orthodontist services to straighten their teeth, but other benefits come with wearing braces, including correcting your jaw placement. The jaw misalignment affects your bite, and therefore it is essential to treat it to avoid struggles while biting. You may also have overbites or underbites, affecting your ability to chew food or talk. All these can be treated using braces.

Braces Do Not Always Hurt

People have a mindset that braces are painful and may hurt the teeth. That is not the case since your orthodontist will place them so that you will feel comfortable and safe. Discomfort only comes in the first few days before the teeth get used to the braces then the pain will subside. Discomfort will also occur during every adjustment, but it is temporary, making braces safe and effective.

Braces Fit All Ages

People think braces are designed for a specific age, especially the tens. However, anyone with misalignment problems can visit an orthodontist and get the braces. Adults and kids can also use braces to correct their teeth problems.

You Will Need Retainers After the Braces

Once your braces are removed after the teeth have been well aligned, your orthodontist will use a retainer to help your teeth hold together. The teeth move over time, and therefore using a retainer will help keep your teeth together.

The comfort of enjoying a meal is excellent and satisfying, like having confidence while smiling. It is essential to care for your teeth and visit your dentist in case of defects. If you have misaligned teeth and wish to correct the problem, you may be the best candidate for braces fitting. At Momentum Dental, the orthodontist will examine your teeth and jaw to determine which kind of braces suits you. They will then customize braces that perfectly fit your teeth. DO not struggle to have a perfect bite or afford a smile while you can have a remedy. You can begin by booking an online consultation or calling their office today.