Get to learn about pregnancy services available, prenatal examination, and prenatal visits

Once you get pregnant, you can greatly benefit from medical experts who will ensure you and your child remain healthy throughout the pregnancy period. Similarly, these medical experts also offer various in-office diagnostic technologies like ultrasound to help monitor the growth and development of your baby. It also helps in identifying some child abnormalities even before birth. That is why Serenity Women’s Health & Med Spa has a team of specialists experienced in monitoring both high-risk and routine pregnancies. Below is also what you need to know about pregnancy services, prenatal visits, and examinations.

What are some of the pregnancy services available?

Most experienced physicians usually offer comprehensive care in all phases of your pregnancy, beginning with an initial confirmation test. The care providers usually take a proactive approach to your pregnancy care and create a personalized treatment plan that meets your individual needs. Some of the pregnancy services available are ultrasounds, blood glucose testing, pregnancy tests, nutritional counseling, and prenatal care. The care providers also offer specialized services for high-risk pregnancies, especially if you have an existing medical condition or have a previous history of complications during delivery or pregnancy. If you are also expecting twins or multiple, your pregnancy is also considered high risk.

When should you schedule a prenatal exam?

In most cases, one is encouraged to schedule a prenatal examination immediately after knowing that you are pregnant. During the appointment, the team performs a test to confirm if you are pregnant and comes up with a schedule for your prenatal visits during the pregnancy period. You are expected to have a prenatal exam once every month for the first twenty-eight weeks, once every two weeks from twenty-nine to thirty-six weeks, and once every week until labor and delivery. However, for high-risk pregnancies, the care provider may require to see you more often to monitor the development of your baby and your condition.

What can you expect during a prenatal visit?


During your first prenatal visit, the care provider usually takes time to review your family and personal medical history and also inquiries about any concerns you had with your previous pregnancies. You can also ask questions if you are experiencing any symptoms because your care provider evaluates them and answers all your questions. Your physician may also perform a pelvic examination as part of your routine care to help assess the health of your reproductive system. At the start and somewhere in between your pregnancy, you may be required to undergo an ultrasound to help monitor your baby’s heartbeat, determine your due date and assess the baby’s growth and development.

During some visits, some blood samples might be taken for blood glucose monitoring, especially in the second trimester, to identify any potential complications early. The specialists also work with you in creating a labor and delivery plan or can refer you to attend childbirth classes to ensure you are well prepared for the arrival of the baby.

Prenatal visits and examinations are essential during pregnancy because they help monitor your health and that of the baby. They also help monitor the growth and development of your baby, as well as monitoring high-risk pregnancies. Therefore, if you are pregnant and want to start your prenatal visits, call or contact Serenity Women’s Health & Med Spa today and get started.