Hey, have you heard about vaping?

Vaping is the new thing doing rounds in social media. The younger generation is so thrilled about it that they keep posting pictures with it in hand. Vapes are basically the alternates of smoking. We do not claim it to be healthy for the users like many do. But we know it is certainly safe for the people around the user. There is no passive smoking as no smoke is formed. Also, there are no burning incidences as there is no fire involved. The devices come in many colourful shades and different shapes. They are easier to handle and use.You can easily buy one at a vape shop close by.

So, what exactly is vaping?

When the tobacco is not burnt by the use of fire, rather it is heated just enough to produce fumes of nicotine. This whole process is known as vaping. The device by which a person can consume these fumes is called a vape. There are reusable and disposable devices. The disposable ones are small and cute. They are just like a thick pen. No one even notices it in your pocket. The reusable kindhas many benefits. They are easy to use and keep. The reusable vapes are a good option as you will only have to buy pods or refills. Not the whole thing like the traditional cigarettes. You can try it out at the vape store.

What are the benefits of vapes?

  • Different flavours: the most loved part about these vapes is that they come in different flavours. The new users can try them out in disposable form. While for the reusable version, all you have to do is buy a different flavour pod, the main device is the same. You can recharge it to use it daily. The device can be charged even from your laptop in an hour. So, it is safe for the travellers as well.
  • Safe to use: as we know that there is no use of flames no fire incidence happen. The user shall not burn his/ her hand or clothes. Also, since there is no smoke so no case of passive smoking. The user can sit with their loved ones and still enjoy vaping. It can be done inside a closed space or even a wooden cottage. The device does not get hot to hold. There are sensors that control the heat and the voltage.
  • Advanced technology: the new devices available at the vape store do not have a button. All the user has to do is draw at the mouthpiece to initiate the process. This activates the formation of vapour formation till the user keeps drawing. It stops when the user stops. So, there is no wastage. Also, it makes the whole device sleek and smart.
  • Cost-effective: since the main device is the same and all you need to do is buy pods from a vape shop it is cost-effective for heavy users as well. They will have to recharge the battery and use it for a long time.