How to Cook Using Edible Rose Petals

Cooking with flowers has been all the rage and adding and experimenting with edible petals certainly adds a dainty touch to various dishes. One specific flower that has been used religiously since ancient times is roses. It’s no wonder that such a flower which symbolises beauty itself is popularly used not only in decorating your living room and dining room but also in elevating your sweet and aromatic dishes. The floral and sweet notes of rose petals will surely give your meals a delicate flavour you’ll definitely want more of.

Cooking with Edible Rose Petals

Rose petals as a cooking ingredient is fairly common in Middle Eastern cuisine while in other places it is mainly used as a component for skincare products and perfumes. However, there are certain varieties of roses that are suitable for cooking. While any variety will actually do, some have more distinct flavours that will complement your dishes.

A rule of thumb when choosing which rose petals to use for cooking is typically this: the more fragrant the rose, the more flavourful it is. Damask roses are intense in its fragrance and have been used for centuries to make rose water and rose-scented oils. But for starters, you will never go wrong with choosing the pink or yellow rose variety. Contrary to popular belief, red roses tend to have very little flavour and fragrance, so they are better used for decoration. Make sure to pick roses that have not been treated with pesticides and other chemicals. If you’re looking to experiment with these flowers for cooking, you can check edible rose petals Sydney and take your pick.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate edible rose petals into your cooking.

Incorporate into your spice mix

Rose petals mix excellently with spices like coriander, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, saffron, and cumin. Spices with powdered rose petals make great dry rubs for lamb, poultry, and more. The subtle floral sweetness of the rose petals bodes well with both savoury and sweet dishes.

Infuse rose petals in your beverages

Looking for a refreshing take on your cold beverages or a soothing note for your hot beverages? Infusing rose petals will do the trick. The floral taste will go great with your lemonades, juices, iced teas, and punch. Just soak fresh rose petals to release their floral taste and stir into your beverage of choice.

Turn them into candied petals

Edible rose petals can also be turned into candied petals which are used to garnish and decorate cakes, desserts, and other confectionery. You can enjoy these candied rose petals as a sweet treat by itself right after meals. It’s fairly easy to whip these floral candies. Just brush each petal with beaten egg whites and dip them in granulated sugar. All that’s left is to wait for them to dry and harden.

Add rose petals in salads

If you can get hold of fresh rose petals, they go refreshingly well with salads. Fruits salads and mixed greens can be elevated when you add other herbs and edible rose petals to make for a vibrant summer entrée.

Cooking with edible rose petals adds a fresh and floral spin to your beloved dishes, desserts, and drinks. Light dishes like salads and appetisers can get that summery vibe with the addition of these edible blossoms.