How To Perform Foot Massage Singapore Techniques

Foot massage Singapore techniques can improve the body immune system, rise flow, clean toxins from the body as well as equilibrium power. The old Chinese craft of foot reflexology applies to areas of the foot that represent the power of specific body organs and body parts to support healing and also release power blockages.

Everybody reacts in a different way to a treatment, both while they are lying on the table, as well as in the hours as well as days following a therapy. The response from your body may also vary, depending upon the locations targeted as well as the types of wellness issues you have. One of the most immediate results are usually a deep feeling of leisure and a feeling of tension leaving the body.


Those who struggle with stress migraines and also migraine headaches, tension as well as stress and anxiety, digestion conditions, arthritis, sleeplessness, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, back pain as well as several sclerosis have actually reported relief from the combination of foot reflexology right into their wellness strategy. Researches also have shown that reflexology supplies remedy for medical discomfort, specifically for cancer cells patients.

How to start

Begin With Your Ankle joints

When planning for a foot massage therapy, begin by massaging all around your ankles to loosen your ligaments. By loosening up the nerves that run through your ankle, you’re preparing your foot for express pressure, which you’ll be using in your foot reflexology technique.

Feet are usually sensitive or delicate, so you ought to utilize a firm, but gentle contact when performing a foot massage. Heating up your foot by relaxing your ankle ligaments makes your foot less ticklish and a lot more responsive to push when you begin working your soles.

Rotation of the toe

In reflexology, the toe joint is identified with the neck and its joints. Manipulating the toe joint with activity heals any neck discomfort as well as joint rigidity you might be experiencing. This method is rather easy and entails holding the toe in your hand as well as revolving it clockwise or anti-clockwise in a silky way. Any worried stress and neck discomfort are sure to be soothed with toe turning.

Response rotation

This works especially well for stomach discomforts and pain. The thumb of the functioning hand must press the reflex in a solid fashion while the assisting hand carefully rotates the whole foot about the thumb in a clockwise then an anti-clockwise direction. It is believed that response rotation creates enhancement of blood circulation and also a positive effect on the nervous system.

In conclusion

Reflexology is not simply for those with particular, intense health demands. A routine reflexology session is a helpful technique to support general health by decreasing the stress reaction as well as improving all operations throughout the body.