Know What You Can Expect From Botox Treatment

When you start to notice fine lines around your forehead, eyes and mouth, you can’t stop thinking about getting rid of this. After all, these fine lines are the first signs of ageing skin and can make you look older than you actually are. While there are many options available out there that you can try to deal with these fine lines, botox treatment is one of the most effective methods. Here are a few things that you can expect with a treatment from a professional botox clinic Toronto.

Your Skin Might Look the Same (At First) – Many people would expect to notice a change in their skin right from the first session of botox. The fact is that you must be patient and wait for the results to appear. Many people start to panic that nothing looks different. It takes time for botox injection to act and settle down. So, you want to wait for at least 2-8 days to start seeing a difference in your skin condition and fine lines.

It Won’t Hurt – If you have been delaying the procedure of Botox treatment just because it involves injecting the solution into your skin and it might pain, then you are wrong as Botox is a 100% painless treatment. The needles used in Botox injections are small, extremely small so your skin will feel no pain when injected. In case there is some discomfort you are feeling after the treatment, don’t worry as this will be very minimal and likely go away soon.

There May Be Some Redness or Swelling – People who have ever got Botox treatment from a professional Botox clinit Toronto claim to have noticed some redness, swelling and bruises on the skin after the treatment. However, the fact is that this will go away very soon, probably in 20-30 minutes. Many people also claim to have headaches after the treatment, which can be easily handled using a painkiller like aspirin. It is very important that you let your doctor know about the problems before taking any medicine.

You Shouldn’t Touch Your Face – It’s common to have the curiosity to see and feel your younger looing skin after the Botox session. You would want to touch your skin, but it is suggested not to do it, especially around the treatment area. The reason here is that massage or touching can get cause manipulation of the protein and spread into unwanted areas. So, make sure that you do not touch your face or try to massage at least 4 hours after your treatment.

So when you are planning to get a botox treatment from a professional clinic and have been wondering how it really is, we hope the above-mentioned information will be helpful for you to gain the maximum results for your Botox treatment. Enjoy positive results from a trusted and reliable Botox clinic Toronto and gift yourself a younger looking and healthier skin that is much better than what you had before.