Managing Excruciating Pain After an Automobile Crash

Car accidents are a horrific experience that could happen to anyone, including the most careful driver on the road. While there was less traffic movement due to the pandemic, NHTSA estimates that roughly 38,680 people perished in automobile-related crashes in 2020. Gladly, many people walk away from these crashes with minor injuries, while others need extensive care to survive. Your reliable Red Bank board certified physical medicine & rehabilitation physician helps survivors address pain when recuperating. If you are lucky to have survived a crash, here is what to do after being involved in a road crash.

Contact the police

If you are in a position to, call the police immediately and report the accident. Document the scene and take eyewitness accounts of what happened. Recovering from injuries will cost you money, and you may not be insured, or your insurance coverage may not absorb all expenses. Holding the responsible party accountable helps in getting restitution.

See your physician

No matter who is at fault for the accident, you will need to follow up with your family doctor or another physician for a preliminary checkup. They will perform relevant tests and refer you to a specialist if necessary. Understanding the physical toll of the accident on your body is vital so you can begin treatment immediately rather than postpone. Ignoring aches and pains will only cause problems down the line and sometimes more complex medical issues.

Take time off to rest

Being involved in an accident is terrible enough, and it can yield adverse effects on your emotional wellbeing. Many people mistake resuming life’s responsibilities right away, presuming that no serious harm occurred.

You can call your employer and explain what happened, so they understand why you need some downtime. Carrying on with work and household responsibilities may be too much pressure to bear at a time when you are vulnerable.

Pain management

As you can imagine, surviving a horrible crash comes with unimaginable pain that may not resolve for a while. You could suffer from debilitating pain in the neck, back, knees, or any other parts that were broken or badly bruised. Take your pain medications as prescribed and follow up with a healthy diet to aid your body in recovery.

Follow the treatment plan

Recovering from an accident is sometimes a long and arduous journey that can be frustrating, especially if severe injuries and pain are involved. Speeding up the recovery process requires a great deal of discipline to take prescriptions as instructed and attend physiotherapy sessions.

Your physician may recommend you go in for therapy, or they could have someone come to your home. In other cases, you can perform the exercises independently and report progress as required. All these efforts go toward healing your mind and body, and nothing should compromise that.

In summary, surviving a car accident is not a mean feat, and it usually comes with injuries that require special care to heal. Please consult your doctor to determine the extent of the damage and start an appropriate course of treatment.