Reasons for Having a Family Dentist

The Importance of Having a Family Dentist

Generally, maintaining good oral hygiene plays a vital role in your overall health and wellness. All family members have different and unique dental care needs that keep changing with time. In this case, a family dentist is needed to keep track of and tackle your health concerns as they emerge throughout your life. Family dentists also offer additional benefits, including offering family dental services to your family other than having each member visit a different dentist. Therefore, if you want a family dentist, Jamison family dentistry has the best family dentists who focus on the needs of each family member, irrespective of their age. Below are a few reasons why you might need a family dentist.

  1.     Convenience

Other than general dentists offering dental care services to a certain age group, family dentists offer consultations concerning oral health to people of all age groups. That means you can receive oral services for your teens, children, or adult family members. It also makes it convenient for you to schedule one appointment for the entire family. Therefore, there is no need to have a dentist for every family member. Family dentistry, therefore, improves your family’s access to proper oral care and still reduces your travel headaches so that each member can see their dentist.

  1.     Keeps track of the family’s dental health

Usually, a family dentist records all treatments given to your family members. As a result, your dentist understands your family’s medical and dental history. The information obtained from your family’s dental and medical history helps predict and identify genetic dental conditions.

  1.     Proactive family dentistry

Family dentists help set the right example or role model for your kids by offering preventive dental care. In most cases, during your appointment, your children are taught more about good dental practices and their benefits in maintaining a healthy smile. They can also acquire tips on daily oral care, toothpaste selection, the right diet, and other key concerns. Your child also learns the benefits of regular dental check-ups. You can also get referrals to the best orthodontists if your kid needs teeth alignment services.

  1.     Emergency dental services

A family dentist is helpful, especially during emergencies, because they are more than willing to accommodate late appointments for their patients. Accidents or tooth pain are examples of medical emergencies that warrant urgent visits to your dentist. In such a case, you can get immediate attention to your kid with a broken tooth or a dental infection.

  1.     All-round dental care

Family dentistry allows you to enjoy various dental services that treat all dental problems. Your family dentist offers teeth cleaning, routine dental exams, dental filling, and many others. You can also acquire dental implants for your decayed or missing teeth. Generally, modern dental implants have been used over the past three decades because they offer the most natural and strongest alternative to missing teeth.

Family dentistry offers oral care to people of all ages, thus making it easy for all members of your family to access dental care. Therefore, if you want to set your family to good dental care services, you can start by calling Jamison Innovative Dentistry today and inquiring more about the family dentists available.