Reasons to Get Dental Implants

A missing tooth, whether one or several teeth, is certainly inconvenient. But it can be especially so for those whose job requires them to speak publicly because it’s a distraction that the audience will notice immediately. Not only that, but it also affects how you eat and may lead to permanent problems for your jawbone and surrounding tissues if not corrected quickly. Ardsley is a neighborhood with outstanding dental services. That’s why Ardsley implants are increasingly becoming the preferred solution for patients who have lost teeth, especially those whose work involves talking to people. You will get fantastic dental implants even in a small town like Ardsley. 

The following are reasons to get dental implants:

To Avoid Teeth Looseness

Though most people with missing teeth do not experience this problem, it is not unusual. 

Replacing the natural tooth root with an artificial one will stop this from happening. Once your dentist replaces the tooth root with an artificial one, you’ll feel that everything is back to normal again as they say, better safe than sorry.

To Avoid the Appearance of Sunken Cheeks

Your face muscles will try to fill out the spaces where your teeth are gone. The lack of support from these missing tooth roots can also cause bone loss around that area. The lack of support coupled with muscle action eventually leads to sagging facial features and an aged look, say, better safe than sorry. Sunken cheeks are not a pretty sight, so dental implants can significantly improve your appearance.

To Restore the Function of Your Mouth

Though eating may not be affected when you have just lost one tooth, having several teeth gone can certainly impact how you eat. Even if one has perfect dental implants, there are foods that they should avoid to prevent further damage caused by sharp edges of food or even broken dental implants.

To Restore Chewing

Chewing is a natural instinct for human beings, and the ability to chew using your front teeth is an essential part of dining etiquette. Without them, not only can you make funny faces when you eat, but it also makes you feel self-conscious about how others perceive that because missing teeth are certainly very noticeable. To restore your ability to chew, your dentist will shave down the jawbone until it reaches a point where an implant can be inserted.

To Restore Confidence in Speaking

Do you find yourself covering up when you laugh or smile? If so, then dental implants are for you. What others see is that your front teeth are intact, but they do not know that you feel embarrassed from the inside because your dental implants are a work in progress.

To Prevent Further Bone Loss

The maxilla or upper jaw is also known as the alveolar process because it contains sockets where your teeth used to be. When these teeth are removed, this means that the dentist has expertly cut off the blood supply and nerves in this area.

Over time, the jawbone starts thinning and eventually disappears because of this lack of blood and nerve supply, known as atrophic resorption, which can affect your facial appearance when left untreated for too long.