Root Canal Therapy Challenges, Benefits, and Risk

Have you lately experienced regular and severe pain in your teeth? So it is time to call your dentist and ask for an appointment; you will probably need root canal treatment as soon as possible. Root Canal issues are one of the health issues that general dentists will precisely diagnose and treat. Root canal issues can have apparent symptoms like severe pain in the involved area or even in some jaw and head parts. Toothache and swallowed gum are signs of infection, and there is an urgent need for endodontic treatment.

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What Will Happen If I Ignore My Toothache?

According to an emergency dentist near Toronto, toothache can happen due to sensitivity or surface tooth decay, but severe toothaches show more complex consequences like infection and root canal problems. Most of the time, dental emergencies happen due to ignoring the pain and the cavity we see after brushing our teeth. So a tooth that could be easily repaired by tooth canal therapy should be extracted or create your life-threatening emergencies. Sometimes a tooth seems healthy and fine. Still, the x-ray shows a different result, like extensive infection or hidden decayed areas’-rays can help the dentist recognize the expense and the number of the root canal that should be treated.

What does an Endodontist do to Save My Teeth?

The endodontist will remove some part of the enamel to reach out to the pulp area; during the procedure, he will carefully clean the decays and cavities, and during the process, you should feel no chronic pain. The dentist is trying to clean your teeth with the most minor damage possible to a crown section of your teeth. After removing the infected pulp, the endodontist will fill the root and the upper part. All the procedures need at least two or three appointments.

How Long Does Tooth Canal Treatment Last?

Sometimes the endodontist recommends you get dental crowns when the upper part of the tooth is destroyed or weakened while the dentist is clearing the cavities. Dental crowns will fix the tooth shape and protect your tooth health; inserting the dental crowns could cause the root canal treatment to take longer.

Toothache is ordinary when waiting to treat your teeth; your dentist could prescribe painkillers or antibiotics to control the pain and infection. Never bite hard food or chew sticky ingredients while your tooth is not completely treated; it can break your teeth or remove the temporary filling protecting your tooth.

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What Is Temporary Filling?

A temporary filling is used after cleaning and treating the root canal. A temporary filling prevents foods and bacteria from entering the root canal and causing further decay and pain. 

The endodontist fills your tooth with a temporary filling to have easier access to root canals if they need additional treatment.

You may feel a little pain or see a mild inflammation in your gum after the treatment, which is normal. Although if you feel chronic pain or see any symptoms of infection, call your dentist and make an appointment.