Superfoods That Help You Stay Focused

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We all know the importance of staying focused at work. Being a pro means you spend a lot of time thinking about how to tackle different problems and coming up with strategies for success. This is often easier said than done though, so here are some superfoods that will help you stay focused when you need to get things done: These antioxidants are natural stress busters that reduce cortisol levels after stress-inducing activities like workouts or public speaking. They also help us process information faster and improve our working memory. So we need more of them in our lives! Reduces stress and anxiety by increasing the production of serotonin (happy hormone). Also improves working memory and concentration. Even better — it’s easy to add more blueberries to your daily diet! Amino acids found in foods like beans and nuts are essential for brain function as they can reduce stressors, improve focus, and increase memory retention. If that wasn’t enough, they also help keep your brain young! All this superfood has to offer is perfect for keeping your mind sharp — It contains a ton of vitamins B1 and B12 which support mental performance, prevents cognitive decline, and boost memory retention. No wonder it’s the new kale! This little red berry helps protect against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s by neutralizing harmful free radicals from blue light exposure from digital devices. It also boosts brain power with its high concentration of vitamin C as well as iron which

How to Stay Focused at Work

You can’t expect to be super productive if you don’t have a good work-life balance. Put your phone away, try not to check emails or messages during off-hours, and leave work on time. This will allow you to focus on the task at hand and improve your productivity. You should also avoid eating too close to bedtime as food activates your brain, making it harder to fall asleep. Instead, drink a cup of chamomile tea for some relaxation. If you’re feeling stressed, try taking a hot bath or going for a walk to clear your mind

Take regular breaks

Even though your boss may not appreciate it, taking regular breaks is a great way to improve focus and productivity. A 2009 study found that people who took a break every 90 minutes performed better on attention tasks than those who worked straight through. Make sure you stay away from coffee and caffeine as this will hinder your focus and productivity. Putting your phone on silent and away from you is also a good way to avoid being easily distracted. If you need help staying focused, try using a Pomodoro timer to break up your daily tasks.

Don’t work late into the night

Working late into the night may be a quick fix, but it’s more likely to make you less productive. A Michigan State University study found that people who worked between 9 am and 6 pm performed 36% better on tasks than those who worked later into the night. The circadian rhythm is the natural ebb and flow of hormones that regulate sleep and wakefulness. This is why you feel sleepy after a large meal or after being outside in the sun for a long time – your body’s internal clock is being affected by these external events. By working during regular business hours you can better regulate your circadian rhythm and avoid the grogginess that comes with working late into the night.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is not just the most important meal of your day, it’s also the best time to add more superfoods to your diet. Although you may not feel like eating in the morning, it’s a great way to kickstart your metabolism and improve your focus at work. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber, which will help regulate your blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full longer. Blueberries are another great choice as they’re loaded with antioxidants. Make sure to add some protein to your breakfast too so you can avoid mid-morning energy slumps.

Add Brain Health Supplements to your daily routine

Supplementing with products like Quercetin is a highly useful and efficient way of changing the way your brain functions. These days, we don’t get enough of the vital minerals and antioxidants that our brain needs to work at its best. Taking these supplements daily can noticeably improve your brain function and ability to focus.

Go outside and get some daylight

Getting outside in the daylight will help regulate your circadian rhythm and help you adjust your internal clock so you’re better able to focus and stay productive during regular business hours. Try to avoid spending too much time indoors, especially during the late hours of the day as this can impact your circadian rhythm and cause you to be less productive. Being near natural light is also helpful for your health and productivity as it regulates your serotonin and melatonin levels. A study found that people who were exposed to natural light for at least 2 hours a day were less likely to exhibit signs of depression than those who weren’t exposed to as much light.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is not only good for your health and your mental state, but it also boosts your brain power. A 2012 study found that regular exercise can help improve concentration, processing speed, and working memory. Exercising regularly also releases endorphins which are known to improve your mood, help fight stress, and keep anxiety at bay. Studies have shown that exercise can also improve your ability to multitask, improve your decision-making skills, and help you think creatively.

Try meditation or yoga breathing exercises

When we’re stressed or anxious, our breathing patterns change and become shallower, which can affect our mental state. Yoga and meditation are both great ways to reduce stress and improve mindfulness. Try meditating for 20 minutes a day to reduce stress and improve your focus. Yoga poses like the cobra pose is great for reducing anxiety and improving focus. Make sure to do these poses regularly to see results. There you have it – these superfoods will help you stay focused when you need to get things done. Now all you have to do is add them to your daily diet and you’ll be well on your way to greater productivity. If you want to stay productive, then you need to stay focused. With these superfoods, you’ll be able to do just that.