Tests That Keep Your Heart Beating

The most important organ in your body is your heart. However, this fragile organ is prone to dangerous health conditions that could affect your normal functioning. Sadly, some conditions might develop without your knowledge, and by the time you realize it, it may be too late. Therefore, it is wise to consider a check-up routine organized by a qualified institution like Life Imaging Fla, which offers a high-end diagnosis of heart disease, chest pain diagnosis, and stress testing in Deerfield Beach, Florida, to ensure that your heart is always healthy. Below is a broader illustration of these exceptional services.

  •         Stress Testing

A stress test helps your physician understand how well your heart pumps blood while performing a hard task like exercise. The doctor puts you on a stationary bike or a treadmill, and as you perform the exercise, they measure your breathing pace, heart rhythm, heart rate, and blood pressure. If you have a condition that could prevent you from performing such a physical exercise, the specialist gives you a drug that makes your heart perform as it would if you had done the exercise. The stress test is important as it enables you to handle any cardiovascular condition before it grows into a serious complication.

  •         Chest Pain

A simple muscle strain can cause chest pain, or it can be a serious condition like a blood vessel blockage that leads to heart failure or a heart attack. An average of 13% of all chest pain diagnoses in the emergency room have been caused by serious heart-related conditions. Your pain might be sharp and crippling or dull and constant. The team of specialists at Life Imaging Fla have advanced experience in this area and use their extensive knowledge to pinpoint the exact cause of your pain. They begin the diagnostic procedure by asking a series of questions geared towards understanding the origin of your pain. The possible causative agents are of a wide variety, and hence this process is necessary to narrow the possibilities. The specialists then proceed to a low-dose CT scan which gives them a clear current image of all organs in the chest and hence can identify or rule out serious conditions like coronary artery disease. Treatment is accorded after that, depending on the test results.

  •         Heart Disease

Heart disease is a term used to describe various complications that affect your heart. The most common ones include heart failure, heart attack, and coronary artery disease. In the United States, a quarter of all deaths are as a result of heart disease. Therefore, heart disease is a serious condition that should not be ignored. Some of the symptoms that will indicate the presence of heart disease include problems in breathing, change of heart rhythm, lightheadedness, chest tightness and pain, abdominal or leg swelling, and fatigue. Life Imaging Fla specialists conduct tests through either a low-dose CT scan or stress-testing.

Heart conditions are mostly life-threatening but treatable when caught early. Therefore, whenever you experience any health condition that could potentially affect your heart, you should consider a visit to Life Imaging Fla immediately. They offer personalized diagnosis and prioritize your health above everything.