The Most Effective Back Spine Surgeries that a Person Is Likely to Have

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Most people have ever experienced back pains at one point in their life. Often, these back pains are not serious and seize on their own. However, other back pains do not go away and worsen if they remain unattended. Even though there are different treatments in the market, most people prefer back spine surgery due to its effectiveness. This has been the main reason there has been an increase in people having back spine surgery Savannah. The following are the common back pain types that you are likely to have.

Deuk Laser Disc Repair

This is a minimally invasive procedure where the specialist uses an endoscope to reach the source of the individual’s back pain without removing the bones or stabilizing joints or ligaments. The specialist will use a thin endoscope to see the damaged skin. The surgeon will only use the precision laser to remove the damaged disc since it is the one causing the pain. The advantage of this procedure is the precision laser will not damage the surrounding tissues and bone, maintaining a healthy disc.

Spinal Fusion Surgery

The surgeon will permanently connect or fuse two or more vertebrae during this procedure. After fusing, these vertebrae will heal into a singular solid long bone. This surgery is often conducted to mimic the broken bone healing process. One advantage of spine fusion is that it increases the spine’s stability. Moreover, it minimizes post-decompressive deformity, helping to restore the right spine alignment.


During this surgery, the specialist will make an incision on the individual’s back which will help to access the problematic vertebrae. Sometimes this surgery is referred to as open decompression since its main focus is on the lamina and the attached ligaments. After accessing the vertebrae, the surgeon will remove the ligaments and the lamina from the spine and any fragments or bone spurs that could pinch the nerves. Since laminectomy causes instability, the specialist combines it with spinal fusion.

Discectomy Surgery

This surgery aims to remove the herniated part of the damaged disc. The main reason is to ease the pressure being exerted on the nerves. The surgeon conducts this process by accessing the spine through the posterior. The surgeon will cut through the tissues surrounding the vertebrae and eliminate the disc herniated part. This surgery is conducted on the lumbar spine to reduce the leg pain patients could suffer due to herniated discs.

Microdiscectomy Surgery

This surgery is similar to discectomy surgery. The main difference that exists between them is that Microdiscectomy surgery uses a smaller skin incision and a microscope. The specialists usually recommend this surgery for people suffering from sciatica, where they experience pain due to compression of spinal nerves. Furthermore, the process is preferred when the patient suffers numbness when the herniated disc puts pressure on the spinal nerve.

Due to the different activities, most people engage in, they are likely to suffer from back pain injuries. Since these pains can turn chronic, a person must seek treatment when suffering from these conditions. The specialists can advise you on the natural measures that you can employ. If these measures fail, you may be required to undergo surgery. Even though most people fear having surgery, the surgery is worth it since the benefits outweigh the risks.