Tips To Prevent a Herniated Disc

Most people suffering from a herniated disc are usually unaware they have the condition and focus on treating symptoms. In most cases, if you have a herniated disc, you experience symptoms such as leg pain, back pain, and weakness that prevents you from participating in your daily chores effectively. As a result, you must seek diagnosis and treatment to ensure the cause of your symptoms, which is a herniated disc, is dealt with. Most care providers understand that Fair Lawn herniated disc causes severe pain, which can impact your life. That is why they teach you effective tips for preventing herniated discs, including:


Generally, strengthening your primary muscles, such as those of the abdomen, is essential because they offer stability to your spine. They, therefore, reduce your chances of developing a herniated disc. Some common exercises recommended are aerobic ones, including brisking, swimming, and cycling. These exercises also help you lose weight, reducing your risk of ruptured discs.

 Improve your posture

In most cases, if you have adopted a poor posture, you are more likely to develop a herniated disc in the future. As a result, you might suffer from leg and back pain, which, if left untreated, may affect your overall health. The condition is common among individuals who spend most of their time slouching over a computer. Therefore, to help improve your posture, ensure your shoulders remain aligned above your hips and keep your chin parallel to the ground. Similarly, you can apply ergonomic alterations to your working environment to help improve your posture and reduce your risk of herniating a disc and the associated symptoms.

 Lie on your side or back

Your sleeping position is essential in maintaining a healthy spine, just like your daytime posture. Therefore, sleeping on your stomach is discouraged because it exerts pressure and stress on your back, which should not be the case. As a result, you are encouraged to lie on your side or back. Similarly, upgrading to a firmer mattress is encouraged, especially if your mattress is soft to help protect your back, thus reducing your risk of having herniated discs.

Quit smoking

Even if you are smoking, you are already aware that smoking harms your health because it causes various conditions, including a herniated disc. Usually, cigarettes and tobacco affect your spine by increasing spinal degeneration and impacting the structure of your spinal discs, causing them to rupture. However, if you have tried to quit smoking and it’s still unsuccessful, you can consult your care provider on the effective options available to help you quit completely.

Use proper form

Using improper form while lifting heavy objects usually exerts unwanted stress on your spine leading to the formation of a herniated disc. Therefore, apart from bending when lifting an object by folding at the wrist or rounding at the back, it would be best to squat and pick it. Additionally, if the object is too big or heavy, you should ask for help.

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