Truths Demystifying Myths About Chest Pain

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 You might have experienced random and sudden chest pains. Chest pain is unsettling as the pain is often unexplained. Chest pain happens in different places in your chest, and at unexpected times, the intensity of these pains varies, and sometimes they disappear after a short while. Chest pain is diverse and can be caused by a myriad of things. In this case, you should seek the appropriate treatment to understand and cure chest pain Covington to live a healthy and worry-free life.  Below are some truths that will help demystify myths you might have heard about chest pain.

Stay Vigilant

Chest pain can be caused by chest muscle cramps and by other factors. Pain in your chest ranges and can be a mild or sharp pain that is persistent or temporary; it could also feel like a burn. Chest pain can indicate a serious problem like a heart attack, collapsed lungs, injured ribs, lung clotting, pulmonary hypertension, and poor blood flow to your heart. Stay vigilant and get checked to know what is causing your chest pains.

Heart Attack

Chest pain can be painful, and you can think you are getting a heart attack; this can be true depending on where the pain is and the intensity. Chest pain can signify a looming heart attack, characterized by chest discomfort at the core of your chest and on the left side, which may feel like squeezing pain and pressure. If you are having these signs of an impending heart attack, you should get checked by your cardiologist.

Treating Your Chest Pain

When the pain is persistent and highly painful, medication prescribed by your doctor will help. That is after you have gone to the hospital and your condition has been diagnosed. Chest pain can be treated with heart-related procedures, like medication and surgical repair, if diagnosed with heart problems. The treatment for other chest pains like heartburn is an antacid medication to treat anxiety for panic-attack-related chest pain.

Serious Chest Pain

When you experience pain in your chest that exceeds five minutes and persists after taking medication, you have abrupt crushing pain. If it extends to your left arm or jaw, these are signs that your chest pain is serious and should raise the alarm for you to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. 


Chest pain can result from various predisposing factors, and it could be because of heartburn and swallowing disorders. Chest pain can be diagnosed using different methods and tests depending on the type of pain and where the pain is. These tests include blood tests, stress tests, X-rays, electrocardiograms, and MRIs. All these tests are conducted to check that your lungs, blood vessels, and heart are good and functioning.

Chest pains are scary and can be life-threatening, leaving you wondering and worrying about your health. However, most things you hear about chest pain may be false. You may be experiencing chest pain due to reasons as minor as fatigue which you could solve by resting; it could also be a warning sign for underlying conditions. You must stay keen as your chest pain could help save your life by seeking medical assistance as soon as possible. While not all chest pain is serious, please do not ignore your chest pains, as they could save your life.