Understanding the Egg Freezing

Better reproductive measures are vital for the maintenance of fertility for women. However, fertility among women is subject to change over time. In their 20s, women experience a fertility boom that diminishes when they are 30 years old. When women grow older, their chances of conceiving reduce, and they may develop some reproductive issues. Nevertheless, Newport Beach egg freezing women can preserve their fertility and prolong their childbearing years. The following are crucial things you need to know about egg freezing;

What is egg freezing?

It is the technique that preserves women’s capacity to get pregnant later. It involves harvesting eggs from women’s ovaries and storing them in frozen form for future use.

Preparation for egg freezing

Here are the lifestyle tips that can help you to prepare for this procedure;

  • Increase the intake of Omega 3s: you should eat a diet with plenty of omega-3s such as nuts and fish. These components are associated with increased fertility among women.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption: the high consumption of alcohol stimulates oxidative stress that impairs the ovary’s functioning. Therefore, you should cut the use of alcohol before seeking the egg freezing exercise.
  • Have a quality sleep before the exercise: sleeping soundly is crucial in boosting fertility and other physiological functions of the body. You should have at least 8 hours of sleep some days before undergoing egg freezing.
  • Moderate physical exercises: gentle exercises are vital in regulating the body’s fats and blood sugar levels, thus improving fertility due to reduced inflammatory responses.

Myths concerning the egg freezing

While this exercise has gained a lot of popularity among women, it is also linked to some misconceptions, which include;

It is experimental

Most people consider egg freezing a trial and error procedure and hence ineffective. However, the scientific data has provided adequate proof that the procedure is effective and it is not experimental.

It can make you infertile in future

Some people claim that removing eggs from women’s bodies for freezing can negatively affect their fertility later. Nevertheless, the procedure adopts some medication that ensures the continuous development of eggs, thus maintaining women’s fertility.

Frozen eggs are inferior

The majority of individuals claim that fresh eggs are superior to frozen eggs. However, the truth is that frozen eggs can also lead to a healthier pregnancy since it ensures that your eggs remain younger and fertile.

It is time-consuming

The mention of the term surgery during this procedure can make you feel like this procedure takes longer, just like other surgical procedures. However, egg freezing involves a minor surgery that takes about fifteen minutes.

It is life-threatening

Some individuals claim that this procedure is not safe for the woman and her future offspring since it can cause birth defects. Nonetheless, the procedure has uncommon side effects and is minor when experienced.

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