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Do you imagine a VA beach chiropractor “breaking bones” when your think of them? Our isn’t inaccurate, but there’s more to what we do than meets the eye in this industry. Experts in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal and nervous system diseases, chiropractors are referred to as musculoskeletal specialists.

Additional benefits include relief from headaches, improved posture, and discomfort in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Because of the prevalence of desk occupations in almost every industry, chiropractic care has grown in popularity among people seeking alternative postural or spinal health treatment.

About 95 chiropractic clinics are now in operation, and at least 15 – 20 chiropractors are registered with the Singapore Chiropractic Association. As a result, the age-old subject of whether chiropractors are physicians is still being debated. Visit the website: for more details on qualified chiropractors.

Chiropractors Are Referred To As What?

Chiropractors are not medical physicians, even though they have doctor of chiropractic credentials and complete a four-year medical school program.

Medical doctors often focus on acute or instantaneous symptoms and prescribe medication in conformance with the patient’s ailment.

Virginia beach chiropractor use manual manipulations and spine adjustment procedures to alleviate or eliminate pain and enhance bone or soft tissue conditions to improve overall health.

Instead of concentrating on a patient’s ailment or symptoms, a holistic approach also considers the patient’s physical and emotional well-being. Here, you’ll find information on anything from acupuncture to diet, exercise, relaxation methods, electrical stimulation, and acupuncture.

Many medical standards advocate Spinal Deceptive Therapy (SMT) as the first line of therapy for back pain. This recognition doesn’t mean that chiropractors can or should do anything they don’t want to.

Perform Surgery

If chiropractors are not allowed to perform surgery on their patients, are they still doctors? In most cases, chiropractors employ non-invasive therapies such as posture adjustments, soft tissue procedures, joint mobilization, electrical muscle stimulation, or massages to treat their patients.

Even though chiropractors are not qualified to perform surgery, they can still refer their clients to orthopedic surgeons. Orthopedic surgeons, as well as chiropractors, treat patients with musculoskeletal pain.

On the other hand, chiropractors work from the premise that all body functions are interrelated. Medical imaging and physical tests are standard diagnostic and treatment tools orthopaedic specialists use.

The role that chiropractors play in rehabilitation or strengthening after surgery is critical, even though they are not licensed to employ surgical techniques to help our patients recover normal functioning.

Care for Victims of a Traumatic Event!

Chiropractors use hands-on techniques to straighten the spine and improve nerve flow, relieving backaches, headaches, and joint problems. In some instances, a chiropractor may not be able to help because the illness requires medicine or surgery that would be best handled by a medical professional.


An aspirant must put in tens of thousands of study hours to become a licensed chiropractor. According to the Labor Statistics, there will be an expected 51,400 chiropractors practising in the United States in 2020.