What You May Not Have Known About Facial Fat Grafting

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Your face is what people first see when they look at you. Unfortunately, it is at the front line in the battle against aging effects like thinned skin, reduced muscle tone, and decreased subcutaneous fats and structural proteins. Fortunately, there is a way to overcome the effects of aging and enjoy a glowing and beautiful face as you age. The fat transfer Houston specialists can restore the fullness and volume of your face to deliver a youthful appearance. Facial grafting is nonsurgical and delivers natural, more permanent results than other treatments. Here is more information about the treatment.

It is a Three Phase Process

Fat grafting involves three stages: collecting, cleansing and transferring, and fat placement. First, your provider chooses a location in other body parts to harvest fat and injects it with a local anesthetic. Your doctor makes a small incision and collects fat through a needle connected to a syringe.  After taking enough fat, your provider puts it in a centrifuge for purification and then transfers it into smaller syringes for injection. The area to receive the fat is prepared, and your provider proceeds with the fat placement.

The Process is Painless

It would help if you were less concerned about face grafting pain. You will feel nothing during the treatment since your doctor will either partially or fully sedate you. Remember that the donor area is numbed with local anesthesia before the injection. However, your provider can prescribe paracetamol for any mild discomfort you might experience. Talk to your doctor during your consultation appointment if you are concerned about pain to understand your options.

Involves Low Risk

Complications risks during fat grafting are relatively low compared to other injectable treatments. Remember that your body fat is used during the procedure, reducing the chances of rejection at the injection site. When chemical fillers are used, your body may resist the foreign materials causing complications. Also, local anesthesia is used during the treatment, with fewer side effects than general anesthesia. Although you can experience small scars at the donor and recipient site, nothing serious, and the reward is high.

No Substitute for Weight Loss

Many people have thought that fat transfer can be used to eliminate unwanted fat in the body. Although some forms of fat grafting, like breast augmentation, can use about four cups of fat, facial fat grafting only uses about two spoonfuls of fat. Therefore, it is not correct to consider the process of eliminating excess fat in your body. You need a weight loss plan that can help you burn extra fat. It is only a myth to say that fat grafting can substitute for weight loss.

Results are Long Lasting but Not Permanent

Facial fat grafting delivers natural results of a youthful, beautiful face that improves how you feel about yourself. While the results can last for several years, you can expect them to fade gradually over time. Understand that no one can prevent future aging, but facial fat grafting can take some years off your face. Your provider can advise you on better ways to maintain your results and ensure they last a lifetime.

The facial fat transfer could be what you have remained looking for to inverse the inevitable aging signs. Find out if you can gain from the treatment by speaking to the experts at Young Institute today. Make a call or get online for your appointment.