What You Need to Hear About a Mummy Makeover

Motherhood is such a joyous and rewarding experience but comes at a cost. Pregnancy, birth, and nursing can affect your body in several unwanted ways. Sometimes it becomes harder to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy state, and you might require the help of a cosmetic plastic surgeon Toronto. You might gain from a mummy makeover that combines multiple treatments to reverse the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. It can help you feel young and vibrant again even after giving birth to your child. Here is more about the treatment.

Mommy Makeover Explained

A mommy makeover is generally a combination of the latest cosmetic procedures to help you restore your body to its perfect state. It can help you achieve perky breasts, a smoother belly, and reduce fat in some stubborn areas. The treatment is patient-centered and can also be used to manage issues like urinary incontinence. It can also involve treatments for muscle strengthening.

Main Reasons for Mommy Makeover

The main reasons for a mommy makeover are related to pregnancy and childbirth. It aims to restore your natural body curves to match your pre-pregnancy shape closely. The abdomen may fail to recover completely, and you might experience stretch marks and reduced laxity, which might require surgical intervention. Also, your rectus muscles might fail to get back to the middle, but a mommy makeover can intervene. Also, your breasts can sag and require a breast lift or a mastopexy to restore. Additionally, your doctor can combine abdominoplasty with breast augmentation to treat both skin and muscle damage.

Procedures Involved

As mentioned earlier, a mommy makeover combines several cosmetic procedures. Some of the common operations involved include breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, breast lift, buttock augmentation, Botox, vaginal rejuvenation, and liposuction. Your doctor will work with you to help you pick those procedures to deliver the best results based on your unique needs.

Being a Candidate for Mommy Makeover

Anyone who has had a child and feels less confident about their body can benefit from a mommy makeover. If you want to achieve back your body after pregnancy, you might be a good candidate for a mommy makeover. However, talk to your doctor if you plan to get pregnant again in the future, for it might be best to hold off the treatment. Generally, you can consider a mommy makeover if you are experiencing droopy breasts, flabby skin, stubborn pockets of fats in your thighs or abdomen, or skin irregularities like stretch marks. Your doctor will carry out a complete physical exam before performing any mommy makeover for you.

How Recovery Looks Like

Although it is not easy for a busy mom to get a break, it is necessary to plan adequately for your mommy makeover to ensure you find time to rest. But the recovery will depend on the particular procedures you get. , But you will need to limit your activities for most systems, and it is necessary to have someone over to take care of your baby and help you with some exercises as you recover.

If you think you can benefit from a mommy makeover, don’t hesitate to contact TMB Cosmetic surgery specialists. You can call them or make a consultation appointment online to learn more about the treatment.